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Waiting for the first robin of spring

Anyone who knows me knows that I start counting down the minutes until the first day of spring once December starts, and this winter...

A month before the Olympics, Gus Kenworthy already gave us a...

Gus Kenworthy was a relatively obscure silver medalist at the 2014 Soshi Winter Olympics who happened to also rescue some puppies while he was...

Jason Collins talks NBA, youth initiatives

Jason Collins came to town mere days after his celebrity death hoax — and looked no worse for wear. The victim of yet another...

Scoring a win for LGBT athletes through history

Let me say right off the bat that there are many, many more athletes than could possibly even fit in this column. I hope...

Philadelphia Falcons Soccer Club hosts OutFest weekend tournament

The Philadelphia Falcons Soccer League (falcons-soccer.org) made the decision earlier this year to move its annual Liberty Bell Classic from Memorial Day weekend to...

Union of soccer and Pride kicks off

Pride nights by professional sports organizations are becoming more common as the seasons go by. The Philadelphia Union aims to score with its LGBT...

Rendez-vous avec moi à Paris s’il vous plaît

  The quadrennial Gay Games are in Paris next year and it’s closing in as local groups are ramping up. Fundraisers are being held,...

Proud to be out on the field

Summer starts either June 21 if you’re an astronomical purist, May 1 if you follow the meteorological calendar or Memorial Day weekend if you’re...

Philadelphia Gryphons to host IGR tournament

It hardly seems it, but Memorial Day is a mere four weeks away, and as all the warm-weather sports get into full swing (and...

Is anyone out there?

  There are times in journalism when you pause and wonder if anyone is reading your words. It doesn’t matter whether you’re writing a...

The sport of protesting, marching and rallying

Lately there have been more protests, marches, rallies, shop-ins and boycotts than I can remember from any era. And no, they’re not really a...

Playing games for mental health

  We often forget that sports are about more than just competition. For parents of youngsters, sports are a way for diverse personalities to...

Does a sports column matter in a weekly newspaper?

Every handful of years we run a survey in the paper and online to learn about the readership. The vital part, IMHO, is finding...

Searching for space and struggling with schedules

Soccer is an outdoor sport in the summer, but playing on frozen ground, ice and snowpack in air wind-chilled to 0 degrees isn’t a...

A great workout in the great outdoors

Since March, a small group of fitness enthusiasts led by Eloy Muñoz have been sharing their Saturday mornings in some high-intensity interval training in...

“And the title was ‘Gay baseball player Billy Bean’”

Interviewing Billy Bean is like sitting down with a long-time friend you haven’t seen in a while and chatting about wherever the conversation takes...

Olympic hurdles

Between the filthy bay water and sub-standard accommodations, it looks as if the Rio games are on par to rival the danger of disease...

During the DNC, include some great asses in your workout

The 57 decorated donkeys around Philadelphia haven’t finished their 15 minutes of fame yet, and after you download the SCAVIFY app you’ll be able...

Phillies up the ante for Pride night

We all had misguided hopes when the season started that the Phillies were actually better than the pundits proclaimed, when they were within 1.5...

Openly gay soccer star scores in Philadelphia

Robbie Rogers scored the first goal of the game May 11, but he scored even bigger with the Philadelphia Falcons. Rogers, who plays with...



Pa. Senate Republicans subpoena voters’ social security numbers, including LGBTQ voters

by Stephen Caruso With the 2021 general election now closer than 2020’s, Senate Republicans voted Wednesday to request identifying information on Pennsylvania’s roughly 9 million...

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