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Openly gay soccer star scores in Philadelphia

Robbie Rogers scored the first goal of the game May 11, but he scored even bigger with the Philadelphia Falcons. Rogers, who plays with...

Gay Games 10 kicks off Friday the 13th

Gay Games IV diving and softball participant Dale Dmitrzak. Photo: PGN archives   Gay Paree! Registration for the 10th quadrennial Gay Games opens...

First openly gay pro-soccer player comes to Philly

Soccer will probably never overtake baseball as America’s favorite pastime, but it is evident that the past decade has seen a massive increase in...

It all started with the Masterbatters

Before the City of Brotherly Love Softball League and its nearly 700 players that we know today, there was Masterbatters. Masterbatters...

Fields and courts: the political and legal ones

As ripples of hate in pockets of the country swell into waves of statewide bigotry, it’s clear the LGBTQI community again has to prepare...

Spartan wrestlers

When you’re a group like City of Brotherly Love Softball League, Greater Philadelphia Flag Football League or Stonewall Sports, with hundreds of participating members,...

Countdown to Nashville

Just less than three months of practice and play remain before members of the Philadelphia Gryphons Rugby Football Club head to Nashville, Tenn., for...

Cheering the cheerleaders and the cheerleaders’ coach

Victor Miranda was more interested in tennis when he started as a freshman at Rider University in Lawrenceville, N.J., but a friend was trying...

An evolution within LGBT sports organizations

Whether it’s the change in acceptance and openness, what is now being taught in gym classes and after-school sports or just the desire to...

You Can Play with the Flyers

On Jan. 25, the Philadelphia Flyers will celebrate the NHL collaboration with national LGBTQ youth sports organization You Can Play during a regular-season game...

In the in-between time

With the outdoor sports all in hibernation and soccer pickup, volleyball and dodgeball waiting in the wings for first-week play, only the swimmers and...

Giving a gift of Grizzlies or Gryphons

Thomas Hormby, of the Nashville Grizzlies gay and inclusive rugby team, emailed me to announce they just released their 2016 fundraising calendar.        The...

Out 100 includes six in sports

It’s great seeing athletes’ names on Out magazine’s Out 100 list again this year, but the most exciting to me, albeit a couple years...

Using winter to your physical- and mental-health advantage

It’s fairly common knowledge that winter months of shortened daylight hours and gray skies can drag a person down. Post-holiday depression after weeks of...

Different hosts for different ghosts

Halloween parties for older children (meaning post-puberty) are more common than handing out candy these days! Stealing another holiday from the children is like...

Wrestling with visibility

Thom Duffy wrestled with the guys, wrestled with his available time and wrestled with his decision until ultimately deciding to return to Spartans Wrestling...

What to say when it’s all been said

Sometimes it’s a struggle to stay on top of everything-sports that goes on in this town and at other times there’s just nothing to...

Philadelphia’s favorite LGBT sports organization

When Stonewall Kickball first hit the streets — uh, parks — here in Philly, it quickly became the most popular kid on the block...

Tackling a myth-conception

Jess Taylor is as big an advocate for women’s tackle football as you’ll find.   With the regular season and championship...

That’s the spirit

City of Brotherly Love Softball League has announced that a new award honoring the memory of Donna Mae Stemmer will be presented at its...



LGBTQ-affirming medical center opens in Haddonfield

For residents of the South Jersey suburbs, finding LGBTQ-specific doctors meant heading into Center City, driving nearly two hours to Asbury Park, or heading...

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