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Thursday, October 22, 2020
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A new playing field for LGBT athletes and allies

Inspired by programs like April’s Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Sports Conference hosted by Texas A&M and Nike’s LGBT Sports Summit in June,...

Ready. Set. Go! Athletes

GO! Athletes is a Philadelphia-based national organization of LGBTQA high school, college and former student athletes that is shining a light on homophobia and...

Growing flag football in the fall

Wayne Knaub, the new commissioner of the Greater Philadelphia Flag Football League, anticipates a makeover this fall — for the league, that is; not...

Serve, set, spike!

Volleyball makes me feel vertically challenged. I spike a Molten in v-ball about as well as I dunk a Spalding in b-ball....

The Falcons soar as soccer kicks into full gear

Last year, LGBT soccer club the Falcons celebrated their 20th anniversary. The occasion was marked with a dinner and, in January, several...

City of Brotherly Love Softball League, Team Spotlight: Stir Crazy

This is the first year for Open Division team Stir Crazy, sponsored by Stir (<a href="http://www. stirphilly.com" target="_blank">www.stirphilly.com). Managed by Tom Quicksell, Stir...



The Trans Griot has passed

On the 5th of October, Monica Roberts passed away at home. She was a trans journalist, probably best known for her blog,...

A quick look at the rest of the world

Why community spaces matter

Creep of the Week: Mitch McConnell