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Saturday, April 17, 2021

It’s not just Georgia — it’s Pennsylvania too

On March 25, Georgia’s Republican Gov. Brian Kemp signed major election legislation into law. Kemp did so in a locked room surrounded by white...

Creep of the Week: Tony Perkins

It takes a hell of a lot of magical thinking to look around at how things are in the U.S. right now and say...

Should we out Catholic bishops?

Seriously, is it time to start to outing closeted U.S. Catholic Bishops? Let me help you out with an answer to that question. If...

District Attorney’s Office still faltering on Nizah Morris case

While the District Attorney’s Office should be applauded for creating a new LGBTQ+ commission designed to help protect the LGBTQ+ community, we cannot forget...

Gun violence is literally killing us

America was still reeling from the mass femicide in Atlanta last week that killed seven women, six of them Asian, when the Boulder shooting...

The homophobia of artificial intelligence

Ran across an article in Forbes about how A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) will never be LGBT friendly. Why does it matter? We are all now being...

Majority supports LGBT rights, but Senate Republicans will not budge

A recent report from the Public Religion Research Institute revealed that 76 percent of Americans favor laws that would protect LGBT people from discrimination...

Creep of the Week: The Pope Says Nope to Marriage Equality

It’s been one hell of a week. First, the good news. Vaccine distribution is going great! Hooray! Go get stabbed when it’s your turn! I...

It’s no comedy

The top two movies on the American Film Institute’s top 100 movies ever made have something in common.  The first is “Some Like It Hot”...

Stop Asian Hate

On March 16, Richard Aaron Long, 21, went to three spa/massage parlors near Atlanta and shot seven women and two men. Six of the...

Creep of the Week: Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves

Thousands of people in Jackson, Mississippi, were without water for weeks following winter storms that also wreaked havoc in Texas and revealed huge infrastructure...

Pope Francis: If you don’t have something nice to say, then say nothing.

It’s disappointing, though not surprising, that Pope Francis recently came out and said that the Catholic Church cannot bless same-sex unions. The man has...

Do Senators Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, and Marco Rubio support child torture?

Do the unholy trilogy of Senators — Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, and Marco Rubio — believe in child torture?  They wrote a letter to...

The COVID vaccine is safe and important for LGBTQ people

There’s a troubling new COVID-19 analysis, released by the Human Rights Campaign, that revealed only 42% of LGBTQ adults said they were “very likely”...

Creep of the Week: Right Wing Conservatives

Hip, hip, hooray! The U.S. House passed The Equality Act! We’re all equal now! There’s no more hate, no more homophobia, no more Marjorie...

The Plight of the Plastic Potato

The right has a problem. For the last four years they have been able to stay safely tucked behind the insanity of the Trump...

With political power comes political responsibility

Our community is about to undergo what I hope will be a period of growth as we climb the political ladder. It will also...

A reminder to be careful on Grindr and other apps

As more and more people get vaccinated for COVID-19, as the restrictions on various aspects of life are eased, and as warmer weather arrives,...

Why raising the minimum wage matters

As Senate Democrats struggle with Republicans to pass President Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID relief package, a secondary battle is taking place over raising the...

“Religious freedom” is not about religion. It’s about money.

Here’s a secret that has stopped the Equality Act in its tracks in the U.S. Senate. The Republicans and religious leaders have framed the...



African-American lesbian sues her former employer

Nafeisa Johnson, an African-American lesbian, has filed suit against Northeast Building Products, alleging wrongful termination and other unlawful acts allegedly due to her race...

Horoscopes: April 16 – 22, 2021

Voter suppression is an LGBTQ issue