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Saturday, October 1, 2022

Liberty City on the right path

Earlier this week, Liberty City put out a statement that followed what this column stated a couple of months ago and made very clear:...

Fred Sargeant was wrong, but so were his assaulters

Remember Repent America? The group of homophobes, desperate for attention, who come to Philly Pride every year to verbally abuse people? At this point,...

Creep of the Week: Libs of Tiktok

I don’t know about you, but when I want to blow off some steam and air some grievances, there’s just no more perfect target...

Editorial Cartoon: “Lambada Rising”


Choose Shapiro or choose death to your marriage

There is progress and also change. Philadelphia’s and Pennsylvania's LGBT community finds itself in that position now in so many respects. Organizations are going...

New political ad shows power of LGBTQ community

It’s that time of year again in Pennsylvania. Rather than ads for vacations or the newest deal of car insurance, your television programs are...

Colonialism holds a dark legacy for LGBTQ people

The relentless coverage of the death and impending funeral for Queen Elizabeth II continues. The death of the 96 year old monarch, who reigned for...

Iran is killing LGBT people for being visible

Iran has sentenced two LGBT people to be executed. Before we opine on that, let’s give you the details as it is reported. According...

Finding community in October

Several people and organizations have contacted PGN asking whether there is going to be an OutFest celebration this year in October. In lieu of...

Creep of the Week: Republican Party

I feel like I’m trapped in a decades long episode of “The Twilight Zone” where I am the only one who can see the...


Living is a funny thing. It is something we tend to take for granted. Our lungs autonomously breathe in a steady stream of oxygen,...

Creep of the Week: Donald Trump

I woke up this morning thinking about disgraced former president Donald Trump and how relieved I was that he wasn’t on Twitter any more...

Documenting the sexuality education needs of LGBTQ+ older adults

By Lee F. Carson, MSW, LSW What do you think are the sexuality education needs for older lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer+ (LGBTQ+) adults in...

What Lauren Boebert taught me about lesbian dance theory

The GOP is mad. The Biden-Harris administration announced their student loan forgiveness plan on August 24 and Republicans just can’t stop talking about how...

The battle for America looms

A storm approaches this August evening as I sit with a friend at a curbside table. It is Restaurant Week, and we are not...

Creep of the Week: Republicans (Again)

Are you tired of being told how bad things are? Are you sick of being bombarded with terrible news all of the time? Do...

A week in Chicago and Canada

August isn’t supposed to be busy, but as we’ve all learned, this year seems to have lots of surprises. Last week was no exception...



Urvashi Vaid: A Voice for Liberation and Justice

When Urvashi Vaid died at 63 in May 2022 after a valiant fight with breast cancer, thousands of LGBTQ people who had been touched...

The lessons of LGBTQ History Month

Editorial Cartoon: “Texodus”

No Hangers or Closets

Horoscopes: September 30 to October 6