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Friday, May 7, 2021

Getting vaccinated is an act of LGBTQ equality

There’s an extremely simple, low-risk and high-reward thing you can do to help further LGBTQ equality: get a COVID vaccine. The upside to getting...

I’m angry

Right now, transgender people in America are under assault. I mean that most literally. In the last four months, 14 transgender people — predominately trans...

PGN pushes forward

Viola Davis said it best on 60 minutes last week. During an interview about her breakout role as Ma Rainey, which got her an...

A reckoning for police and a referendum on oppression

There can be no true justice for murder victims. They can never be brought back to life. But accountability for their killers is a...

Discrimination in the workplace is a sad reality for LGBT people

A recent study from the Williams Institute revealed something you probably already know: discrimination against LGBT people is rampant in many workplaces. It’s so...

Pa. House, Senate bills would update state’s outdated definition of marriage

by John L. Micek LGBTQ individuals nationwide won a historic victory in 2015 when the U.S. Supreme Court made same-sex marriages the law of the...

Jonathan Lovitz — Running for all of us

My name is Jonathan Lovitz. I’m an out gay man, proud union member, dedicated husband, and the son of a teacher and a small...

‘We are the victims’: Pa. House, Senate bills would ban gay, trans-panic defense

By John L. Micek In January 2020, a man named Marcus Jones asked the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to grant him a new trial for his 2017 conviction in the...

Pa.’s horrible anti-transgender sports bill is horrible in dozens of other states, too

by John L. Micek An eternity ago — or was it just last week? — a quintet of Republican lawmakers in the state House trotted...

Police violence is LGBTQ history, past and present

The modern LGBTQ civil rights movement was born out of police harassment and brutality against a group of gay men, butch lesbians and trans...

Voter suppression is an LGBTQ issue

With the plethora of sports organizations, corporations and other groups boycotting the state of Georgia, it’s clear that Republican-led voter suppression has not only...

Take pride in how we’ve handled the pandemic

It’s going to happen. We are heading down the homestretch of this pandemic and as we do we should be proud of how our...

We’ve come a long way

Author Patricia Highsmith (of “Carol” fame) once said “A newspaper is an anthology of cruel stories.” Having read back issue after back issue of...

The Anniversary Column

Who would imagine that starting a newspaper for the LGBT community would put you on the KKK hit list? That was only the beginning...

Through Trans Eyes

As I’ve spoken about many times before, we live in some unprecedented times when it comes to trans rights. Over 90 bills have been...

It’s not just Georgia — it’s Pennsylvania too

On March 25, Georgia’s Republican Gov. Brian Kemp signed major election legislation into law. Kemp did so in a locked room surrounded by white...

Creep of the Week: Tony Perkins

It takes a hell of a lot of magical thinking to look around at how things are in the U.S. right now and say...

Should we out Catholic bishops?

Seriously, is it time to start to outing closeted U.S. Catholic Bishops? Let me help you out with an answer to that question. If...

District Attorney’s Office still faltering on Nizah Morris case

While the District Attorney’s Office should be applauded for creating a new LGBTQ+ commission designed to help protect the LGBTQ+ community, we cannot forget...

Gun violence is literally killing us

America was still reeling from the mass femicide in Atlanta last week that killed seven women, six of them Asian, when the Boulder shooting...



Greg Yorgey-Girdy — A Voice for Progress

A recent headline in Forbes read that 2021 will “become a record-breaking year for anti LGBTQ Laws.”  As a gay, Black man who grew...

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