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Gay Postmark Drew Outrage in the ‘80s

Public outrage over LGBTQ rights is nothing new. On every level of government, issues including marriage equality, the removal of sodomy laws,...

The tricky business of TV advertising

Thirty years ago, PGN published an article by Rex Wockner about a controversy surrounding popular toy store chain TOYS “R” US. The...

Should politicians be pushed out of the closet?

A few weeks ago, Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) made headlines when Sean Harding, a gay porn actor, indirectly suggested on Twitter that...

Philly Pride reported through the years

The first Gay Pride Parade in Philadelphia took place in 1972, running from Rittenhouse Square to Independence Park. Three years after Stonewall,...

Our History, Our Future: Qualities of a gay hero

Who is the most famous gay man in America? Who is the gay man people most admire? Those are two very different...

PGN personals through the decades

For the most part, PGN has not changed much in 44 years. Front page news stories, arts and entertainment spreads, editorials, special...

Milton Shapp and the Council for Sexual Minorities

In March 1976, Pennsylvania Governor Milton Shapp, an ardent supporter of gay rights who used his political power to help the community,...

In 1979, Rikers Island gave gay prisoners hope

In May 1979, PGN writer Jack Veasey published a lengthy two-part feature on the country’s first separate prison housing for gay men...

How the Associated Press helped sustain PGN

When PGN first began publishing in 1976, there were few openly LGBT writers. The community was still growing just as the newspaper...

How PGN got its vending boxes

Those familiar purple vending boxes dotting the streets of Center City weren’t always there. In the first nine months of its existence,...

The first gay character in a comic strip

In the March 1976 issue of PGN, M. David Stein wrote about Andy Lippincott, the first openly gay character in a comic...

Police entrapment in the early days, PGN’s response

Whether one intends it or not, being an openly LGBTQ person is a political act. It was true in 1969, and it...

The ongoing battle over employment discrimination

In the 1970s, issues of PGN had two stories that appeared almost every week: Anita Bryant’s anti-gay crusade (and the resistance efforts...

Philly’s first attempt at nondiscrimination

In the Jan. 3, 1976 issue of PGN, Harry Langhorne wrote an article about Bill 1275, which was introduced in City Council in the...



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