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The psychology of eating

The classic diet mentality of deprivation, restriction and cyclical periods of being good and then bad has failed 95 percent of those who have...

Icing out the cold stuff

We add it to beverages. We use it to chill food. We apply it topically and we use it in food, like smoothies. The...

Three phases of life, according to Ayurveda

Ayurveda relates the five elements to three phases of life — Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The five elements dance through time and space and...

Recovery in spring

    With the emergence of spring comes brighter days in both the literal and metaphorical senses. Those of us who suffer from seasonal mood...

Pearls of wisdom for improved, optimal sleep

Ayurveda (translates as the science of life) — the original, natural and oldest system of medicine — teaches us that sleep is essential for...

Sick? Tips for prevention and treatment

So many of you have been and are sick right now. As an expert in Ayurvedic medicine, I have found that there are various...

Is it really all about that bass?

I find myself having a hard time not thinking about Meghan Trainor’s song, “All About That Bass.” The song’s message is captured in the...

Staying healthy in the gym

During the first season of my three-season arena-football stint, as I was going up to block a pass, I suddenly felt what can best...

Learn the basics, then add the sexy

There is a huge stigma attached to pole dancing. Most see the pole and immediately think of dollar bills and G-strings rather than the...

How did I get here …

Fitness starts with health. If what you’re doing to your body doesn’t make your head feel right — regardless of how good you may...

Starting your weight-loss journey

More than six years ago, I made the decision to completely alter my life and get healthy. At 247 pounds, I was...

Is stress making you fat?

Some people handle stress by undertaking great challenges and reaching for the stars. Many of us, however, react to pressure by reaching...

Coping with disappointment

Recently I found myself thinking about disappointment and how we go about handling it after learning of two separate mental-health professionals who specialize in...

Saving the endangered species of children who know how to play

In the “old days,” a column about kids’ fitness in a gay newspaper would seem odd, to say the least. But, because...

Regain your focus after a day of eating indulgence

We all lose some will power at some point in our diet. It’s hard to eat perfect 24/7 and you shouldn’t feel...

The secrets of portion awareness

One of my favorite diet gurus is Dr. Brian Wansink, who is the head of the Food and Brand Lab at Cornell...

Staying healthy through the holidays

Whether or not you personally celebrate any of the winter holidays, the cultural explosion that is the “holiday season” is nearly impossible to miss,...

Eating out while dieting

Are you trying to lose weight or start new healthy eating habits? Eating healthy and keeping your nutrition on track at home can be...

HIV lifestyle-management

For the past 22 years, I have lived a healthy, robust life while dealing with HIV. I am lucky and grateful for...

The forgotten muscle

Summer is here and many of you are ready to work out hard and show off your muscles. Some folks focus on...



“Dear Evan Hanson” truly misses the mark

Evan Hansen (out gay actor Ben Platt, reprising his Broadway role) has crippling social anxiety. And fans of the Tony-winning musical “Dear Evan Hansen,”...

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