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PGN Editors reflect on their time at the helm

Al Patrick (Editor, 1993 to 1996)  It feels like PGN has always been there. Like cheesesteaks and soft Pretzels, it has been part of the...

A reporter looks back

In this era of so-called “cancel culture,” and one in which news outlets close every day, the 45th anniversary of an independent newspaper is,...

A PGN writer’s journey down memory lane

As a writer for PGN almost since its inception, I’ve covered many stories that made a deep impression on me. For this 45th-anniversary issue,...

PGN at 45: One Writer’s First Encounter with Philadelphia Gay News

Growing up in the city, my family lived between 11th and 12th Streets. The primary means to go into Center City — and then...

How PGN Got Its Vending Boxes

Those familiar purple vending boxes dotting the streets of Center City weren’t always there. In the first nine months of its existence, the Philadelphia...

Despite advances, we have much to learn

Before I started writing for PGN in 2019, I knew little about the diverse LGBTQ+ communities that live in and around Philadelphia. I am...

A brief history of PGN

PGN’s first issue was published on January 3, 1976. The paper was 36 pages and included articles on the fight to get a gay...

The team behind PGN, Volume 1

“With the publication of the first issue of the Philadelphia Gay News, a whole new dimension has been added to Philly’s gay community and,...



City officials, LGBTQ leaders, and Philly teachers condemn legislation targeting queer...

Condemnation of three anti-LGBTQ bills recently passed by the Pa. Senate was swift, with numerous city and LGBTQ leaders as well as Philadelphia teachers...

Horoscopes: July 1 to July 7

Unity is needed now more than ever

Edward Aponte Luiggi: Safe and Secure