How do you think the Trump administration has influenced peoples’ perceptions of LGBTQ folks?

Heart Brashear
she/her | West Philly
“I feel his administration has made the opinions probably more binary and that the people who already have negative feelings toward LGBTQ people feel more confidence to express them or feel them because this administration is not supportive and then the resistance is also being fired up because there is this hate that’s out there.”

Nathan Berger
he/him | Pennsport
“Well I think he’s been demonizing us since day one, and I think that he’s also made grand efforts to try to keep us as ‘other’ as possible. I think the healthier the divide between what people think is the classic American person and us, he benefits from, making us feel further away and more ‘other.’”

Kermit Moore
he/him | Bella Vista
“I think in a negative way. I think it’s been an abomination and not only peoples’ perception of members of the community, but in a strange way, members of the community’s perception of self. They’ve been demonized…. So I think he’s been catastrophic, in particular, the rhetoric, and I mean in some ways, language creates a reality that we have to respond to.”