Should Center City’s rainbow crosswalk be repainted to include brown and black stripes?


Stanley Breeland
healthcare consultant | North Philadelphia
“I’d like to see a community event to repaint the stripes, but leave the colors the same. As a black American, I’m not offended by the [current] colors. There are bigger battles to fight, considering the challenges we face.”


Michael Devine
insurance-claims adjuster | Gayborhood
“Well, the stripes definitely need to be repainted. They’re very faded. But I don’t agree with including brown and black stripes. The rainbow represents everyone. People are getting too carried away with being politically correct.”


Daron Lewis
cook | South Philadelphia
“No. What’s next? Black and brown Skittles? People with common sense should know the rainbow represents everyone. It’s being too petty and trifling to expect brown and black stripes. That’s just nit-picking.”


Paul Skinner
truck driver | South Philadelphia
“Yes. It would be a nice gesture. Adding the stripes shows respect for everyone. All people deserve to be acknowledged. We need to be unified, considering the divisive times we live in.”