Holiday giving


No matter what religion you celebrate at this time of year, the concept of giving and receiving gifts is likely a major part of your tradition.

Aside from the material gifts we can gush over, there are the symbolic or historical events that have graced our community this year. I don’t believe that anyone, including those who have been on the front lines of the battle for marriage equality, would have ever thought that same-sex marriage would be legal in nearly three-dozen states at this point.

And 2015 is looking like the year that the U.S. Supreme Court will finally take up the issue on a national basis — and, I believe, rule for marriage equality in all 50 states.

But back to those gifts.

If you haven’t gotten through your list yet and are still shopping, think of spending those hard-earned dollars of yours in the businesses that support the LGBT community. And better yet, buy a gift from a store in your Gayborhood and help it grow — memberships to our gyms, gift cards to LGBT-owned small businesses or donations to LGBT organizations, even in the names of those to whom you wish to bring joy.

Then there are those without blood relatives who may feel left out at this joyous time. To you I say, you do have family. Look no further than William Way LGBT Community Center, the John C. Anderson Apartments or The Attic Youth Center — all of which will welcome you as family.

And at times, just a thank you will suffice. So with that in mind, I’ll say thank you to all those who have taken our community to places it never expected to reach this quickly. And like many of you, I’m also keeping an eye on the next holiday, the New Year — for me, it’s more about planning the future than looking at the past.

And that future for this community is bright. Mark my words …