What is your holiday wish?


Carol: My Christmas wish is that my granddog Julie’s cancer goes into remission. She’s an important member of our family. Also continued good health for my family and all my friends. On a lighter note, I wish that I hit the jackpot at The Borgata.

Don: To have a great holiday season surrounded by the things you love! Stay safe in the New Year.

Greg: Continued health and happiness for my friends and family and more back issues of The National Enquirer from Tim.

Jen: Happiness and fulfillment for all my loved ones. And that my house guest, Gus the mouse, finds a new home soon.

Jen J.: Health, happiness and longevity for everyone I love (and everyone else).

Larry: My holiday wish is for more people to focus more on friends and family, and being happy in the moment, than accumulating material possessions.

Mark: My wish is simple: that the United States Supreme Court makes marriage equality the law of the nation.

Prab: Love, joy and continued success for both my PGN family and my biological one.

Ryan: Happy holidays to all my friends, family and colleagues. Stay warm and enjoy the company of loved ones.

Sandy: No more massacres, anywhere in the world. Make that no more death. At all. Amen. (At least a moratorium on tragedy?)

Sean: My holiday wish is for health and peace for all of my family and friends.

Scott: For Christmas this year, I would like more closet space, an updated bathroom, new floor coverings, the woodwork refinished, more kitchen counter space, the basement organized and the hall tiles fixed. But I’ll settle for a press-only bike rack on Camac Street. Oh, and world peace.

Tim: Healing and closure for all friendships that ended on a sour note. And a pair of goggles that don’t fog up when I swim.