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Add recovery to your routine

Physical activity is important for longevity, increasing energy levels, reducing stress, weight management and much more.  While people are aware of the benefits of...

Injury management and prevention

Injuries are painful, debilitating, and annoying. They can range from herniated disks to sprained ankles, tendon sprains to groin pulls — even tennis elbow....

The ins and outs of a balanced exercise program

Have you ever found yourself wondering whether it would be more effective doing resistance training or high-intensity interval training (HIIT)? Have you ever wondered...

No excuses — crowded gym or not, complete your workout

The early months of the year, when people still haven’t quite given up their resolutions, can be challenging at the gym. Similarly, trying to...

Committing to goals in winter

Have you ever noticed that every season is filled with guilt? “Get your summer body!” “Stay away from your favorite foods this...

Cannabis as medicine?

As states legalize marijuana, the debate continues as to whether or not cannabis should be legalized on a national level. In May 2016, the...

Understanding the place of inflammation in the body

With more public approval for holistic medicine and changing fitness trends, it can be difficult to keep up with the influx of information. In...

Breaking the stress cycle with exercise

Life can be stressful. A total of 56 percent of older adults (ages 72-plus), 57 percent of baby boomers, 61 percent of gen-Xers (ages...

Getting into an exercise routine ahead of summer

We have five weeks until June, but have no fear: A lot can happen in that time. Here’s how to get...

How quickly can I see results?

As a trainer, it is common for people to ask me how quickly they will get results. People expect everything right now. Results happen...

Living with chronic pain

Living with chronic pain is no joke. You may look at people without realizing that they are pushing through the pain, discomfort and —...

Questions to ask for your New Year fitness goals

Can you believe we are already three weeks into January? Now don’t freak yourself out because maybe you fell off your health and fitness...

Meal Prep Q&A 

What is meal prepping? Meal prepping, as we know it, is planning and cooking your meals ahead of time — usually...

Add some pep in your step for the holidays

Maintaining focus during the holiday season can be very challenging for all of us. Not only do we need to get through our day-to-day...

Feel good during the holidays

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, meaning very soon many people will be attending dinners, staying inside snuggling under a favorite blanket, binging on baked goods...

Bulking: Is it for me?

Bulking, a popular activity in the fitness industry, has become a household concept for those wanting to lean out and build muscle.  ...

What to do when you can’t do it all 

You wake up in the morning and read the paper or browse your Facebook feed, eat breakfast, head to work and come home to...

Controlling an aging metabolism

Why is it common to hear, “Enjoy eating all that food now because when you get older, it’ll catch up to you”? ...

Consistency is key 

As we find ourselves on the go and traveling this summer season, it may seem difficult to maintain daily routines that help us stay...

Is gluten-free for me? 

Within the last few years, “gluten-free” labels have been frequently appearing on various product labels, from breads to meats. The big question that most...



Horoscopes: October 15 – 21, 2021

Aries: This week, Pluto direct has us existing in a more outward way; we are feeling less selective, more willing to connect, and less...

My personal LGBT history month

When Coming Out Is a Death Sentence