Add some pep in your step for the holidays

Maintaining focus during the holiday season can be very challenging for all of us. Not only do we need to get through our day-to-day routines, but we also need to partake in the holiday festivities that many of us enjoy. This can cause a mess in our daily lives.

As we all know, spending more money on gifts, food and booze; trying to meet end-of-year deadlines; and attempting to be in two places at once can create stress, which takes a toll on our bodies. We often associate weight gain with eating tons of food at family gatherings; however, a lot of the negative repercussions we experience can be from the high stress we are creating and the bad habits that follow. Maybe your lack of time is causing you to eat out or not eat at all, or maybe you are replacing your workout with a chore. On top of that, you may be embracing your guilty pleasures like drinking or eating more to de-stress — when in reality you are just making the wallet hole bigger and not putting your body in a position to help you get through stressful times. Stop adding to your stress!

Plan your days and weeks. Scheduling will allow you to see what time is available and what time isn’t, keeping you organized and on track. You won’t miss another workout or meal prep if you actually see how much time you have. Don’t forget to estimate your commute time.

Also, don’t forget to prepare yourself for the unexpected. If you anticipate a possible roadblock, it won’t affect you as much if it happens. Stick to your plan and remember that it is OK to modify, but don’t compromise.

Create a budget. First, begin by calculating how much you will make this month and then calculate how much you need to pay in bills and other living expenses. This will help you identify how much disposable income you have. Having a clear picture of your finances will allow you to budget appropriately.

Take time for yourself. These time slots are the most important for self-preservation. These are the times you set aside to work out, pray or meditate, read, groom, etc. It’s important that you feel your best even during the most stressful times. Consistency in this area will really improve your mood and confidence. Also, you will find that these activities will help you unwind.

Having a clear picture of your holiday month will really add a pep in your step! Follow these tips, get ahead of the game and transition into the New Year with as little stress as possible.

Megan Niño is a kinesiologist and personal trainer who trains out of 12th Street Gym. She is an energetic and positive person, who prides herself on teaching others to find empowerment in their lives through fitness.