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Friday, December 2, 2022

Creep of the Week: Scott Lively

My youngest sister just got married. To a man. Though she's chosen the heterosexual lifestyle, I accept her. I visited my local Hallmark store to...

Obama made us cool

There is no other U.S. president who can stand even close to the legacy of President Barack Obama on LGBT issues. In fact, you...

Op-Ed: New Years resolutions

Many people make resolutions for the New Year, such as planning to make healthier eating choices or beginning a regular exercise regimen. ...

Watch out, Pulitzer

Last Friday night, Jason and I were in the car going to do our weekly grocery shopping when I received the news. I looked...

Loss of a pioneer

My friend Jerry Hoose died last week.  You most likely don’t know the name, but he affected your life; he certainly affected mine. ...

The Trump administration

Transgender rights are human rights. Full stop. Transgender people are human beings. Full stop. These things are not negotiable. Unfortunately, the...

The fight for equality is rooted in visibility

Most in our community are not aware that now is the time that will choose the direction of the struggle for LGBTQ equality. Yes,...

Convention debrief

Last weekend, nearly 250 LGBT and ally journalists and marketing individuals convened in San Francisco to mark the 20th anniversary of the National Lesbian...

For a little hope, look to history

Everything is cancelled. Pride celebrations, the Olympics, dining out on a Saturday night. We are living through an unprecedented time, and history books will...

James Dobson

I went to go see “Finding Dory” with my son and I feel compelled to report that there is no transgender stingray featured in...

Creep of the week: Ryan Anderson (again!)

Hello, gay and lesbian readers. I’d like to talk to you about your pathetic lives devoid of friends or family. It’s hard when the...

Claiming our place in history

The long-awaited Museum of the American Revolution opened its doors in Philadelphia this week. The multi-faceted venue walks visitors back in time to the...

A 40-year PGN journey

Last Friday I attended a meeting of the National Gay Media Association, an organization of the publishers of the LGBT legacy publications. At one...

Creep of the Week: Alex Jones

If you don’t know who Alex Jones is, consider yourself lucky. Picture a mentally unstable person boiling over in rage and...

Allow older LGBT individuals to age their way by passing the Equality Act

by Stephanie Cole, Pennsylvania Department of Aging May was Older Americans Month. The theme of this year’s observance was “Age My Way,” a phrase I...

The real battle for LGBT equality

Listen up, LGBT America. Tuesday’s election showed a sharp contrast in LGBT rights across the country — but also illustrated how we can win...

Our holiday wishes

Carol: There are a lot of things I wish for: world peace, no real-estate taxes, continued good health for me, family and friends and...

Real empathy is always healing

Watching Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ memorial to the Covid-19 dead, one would almost think we’ve returned to a point close to normalcy, to...


In response to “Kenney confirms mayoral run,” Jan. 30: I am glad that Kenney is running. I was proud to work with him on...

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder

It’s been a tough four years for Michiganders under Gov. Rick Snyder. Especially the gay and lesbian ones. During his debate...



Deep Inside Hollywood: Dan Levy gives Netflix some ‘Good Grief’

Dan Levy’s feature directorial debut has a title, a cast, and a home at Netflix. The “Schitt’s Creek” Emmy winner has written “Good Grief”...

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Creep of the Week: Ben Shapiro