My personal soundbites

Trump trial: I’m not surprised by any of the sordid aspects of Donald Trump’s life that will come out during the trial or his dealings that might be revealed. There is nothing that might be unveiled, no matter how low, that would change my mind about him. At the same time, it should be realized that it will not change the minds of any of his supporters. So, there’s only the enjoyment of watching him squirm in public as he must sit and hear the mountain of words, deeds, greed and hate that define his life. We watch his lawyer attempt to change that image while Trump is held prisoner to the circus he created.

“We are Hamas” …REALLY!!!!? To those from our community that support Hamas or say those words, you should consider how this is literally like those in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s saying they support the Ku Klux Klan. The KKK killed civil rights workers then. Hamas kills LGBTQ+ people NOW! There’s a difference between being Palestinian and being Hamas, for the record 

Fox News: Twisting itself like a pretzel trying to avoid covering the Trump trial, they’ll latch onto any other sliver of news and then take it out of context. Watch Fox “news” for a half hour and aside from going mad, you’ll understand your right-wing uncle or neighbor a lot better.

Spam calls: When you receive a call and it’s a recording, hang up. But if it’s a live person and you want to have some fun, here’s what I do on occasion. We often get constant calls for vacation getaways starting with, “You haven’t used all your hotel or vacation credits.” I ask about how I got the credits, then make up a story based on whatever they tell me. Afterward, I inquire about how to use them. They provide some information, and then I ask, “What if I want more?” That’s when the person on the other end starts selling. I let them feel as though they have a big sale on the line. The longest I’ve gone is a little under a half hour, at which time I say, “Gee, I had nothing else to do this afternoon or anyone to chat with. Thanks for the fun.” And then I hang up. By doing this, you’ve likely saved ten other people from that wasted call. There’s even good to be found in a spam call.

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