Horoscopes: January 13 to 19

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: This week, Venus in Aquarius impacts our social and love life in unique new ways. Aquarius is an air sign that rules the mind, higher ideals, and personal individuality. This transit is a time to embrace your weirdness and to keep an open mind. The less you judge yourself and others the more beauty you will see. In love you feel emotionally detached but mentally engaged. It’s all about exchanging ideas, taboo conversation topics, and out of the ordinary choices. Love is its own form of rebellion. 

Taurus: This week your ruling planet Venus enters Aquarius. The air element of Aquarius brings the winds of change. Through Venus in Aquarius you feel emboldened to express yourself in experimental ways. In love you are attracted to those who appeal to your mind and who challenge you to think differently. In your relationships you may be feeling slightly emotionally detached but more mentally engaged. It becomes easier to be objective when necessary. 

Gemini: This week Venus in fellow air sign Aquarius reminds you to embrace your weird side, keep an open mind, and hold off on passing judgment on others. In love you are attracted to those who are very different from you and those who get you to try new things and challenge your old notions. In relationships you connect through deep conversations and high concepts. 

Cancer: This week Venus, the love planet, enters the zodiac wheel’s funkiest sign: Aquarius. During this transit you feel a bit emotionally distant and slightly egotistical. You can’t help it if you naturally feel that your ideas are the best ones! This bias gives you the confidence to follow through on some unique creative endeavors. In relationships you are feeling more hands off these days and willing to let people do their own thing while you do yours. This space brings freedom and builds trust.

Leo: Planet of love Venus enters your opposite sign of Aquarius and heavily highlights your partnership sector. During this transit your approach to love and relationships changes in some interesting ways. You are feeling less emotionally intense but more mentally engaged. You have surprising conversations where much is revealed by the other party. As long as you practice being a good and nonjudgmental listener, it will create a conducive environment. You may also be exploring your identity in intimate settings. You understand that there is no limit to the roles you can play or who you can be or become, and that this applies for others as well. 

Virgo: This week Venus enters Aquarius, the sign of rebellion, philosophy and community. Your creativity flourishes under this transit and you become inspired by many diverse topics. If you are single you may find that your time is best spent socializing in groups, networking and connecting. If you are in a relationship, take advantage of this Aquarian vibe to have deep conversations and resolve issues in rational and objective ways. Aquarius is a sign that is not known for fits of passion but for cool detached reasonability. You and your partner learn a lot about each other’s values and beliefs during this time. Love blossoms from these connections.

Libra: This week your ruling planet and the planet of love, Venus, enters fellow air sign Aquarius. During this transit you find it easier to be more objective and to have hard conversations that would normally ruffle your feathers. It is an ideal time to challenge yourself, resolve issues, and find new perspectives. There is a vibe of self improvement in the air. You can admit that no one is ever done learning. In love and relationships you are thinking about ways to understand your partners better. You practice empathy more earnestly. 

Scorpio: This week the planet of love Venus enters airy Aquarius. This transit connects the heart and the mind harmoniously. In love and relationships you are feeling more cool and detached, which allows you to see things more clearly. You can identify what you want, what areas need improvement, and you can hear what others have to say without taking things too personally. Communication is more rational and connections are crisp and clear. In your creativity sector you are feeling emboldened to get weird! You are not ashamed of your feelings or ideas. You share more openly and create connections by being real with people. 

Sagittarius: This week Venus in Aquarius is helping you to embrace the stranger side of love. You are feeling open minded. You are embracing your eccentricity. You are feeling the love from the universe. It’s all pretty weird stuff but it’s nothing you’re not used to thinking about as a Sagittarius. In relationships you heal during this transit. You realize that differences make partnerships and communities stronger. You practice being more observant. Good changes come your way when you let go of preconceived notions.

Capricorn: Venus, the love planet, in airy and philosophical Aquarius, expands your consciousness in the coming weeks. You are feeling more optimistic about your interactions with others. If you are single you are focusing your energy on networking and connecting with others in pursuit of common goals and creative endeavors. If you are in a relationship you and your partner may be working towards something important together. Aquarius lends a calm and rational energy to your love life that is ideal for having deep conversations, exploring power dynamics and resolving issues. You may find that desire and passion arrive more readily after peace and harmony are cultivated first. 

Aquarius: Venus, the planet of love, beauty and creativity, will be in your first house for most of the month. During this transit you are feeling blessed with a flow of unique and novel ideas as well as a keen sense of the needs of others. This energy is best used towards deepening your relationships with others by being a non judgmental and supportive listener. You may also find that there is an energy of self improvement and an inspiration to revamp your personal style or expand your wardrobe to include more flashy and wild statement pieces. In love you are attracted to people’s uniqueness and their ability to get your mind’s gears turning. You learn a lot about yourself and others. Keep an open mind.

Pisces: Venus, the planet of love, is in unique and philosophical Aquarius until January 23. During this transit you are feeling more independent and adventurous. You have a lot of love for your friends, lovers and community these days but it’s in a more universal and detached way than in a specific or particularly passionate way. It’s easier not to take things too personally because of this. It makes it an ideal time to have tough conversations and to resolve relationship issues. You find networking, socializing, and working in your community rewarding. In love you are prioritizing shared values and intellectual connection. In the bedroom things can get quite unconventional. 

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