Horoscopes for December 9 to December 15

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: Venus, the planet of love, creativity, and comfortability has moved into earthy and practical Capricorn. You come across as pleasant and agreeable at work and in professional spaces at this time. It is easier to rub elbows with people that can help you “go places.” In love and romance you are ambitious and are more interested in long term commitments and goals. You are happy to be helpful, resourceful and imaginative with loved ones. You seek to make those you care about feel lavished upon.

Taurus: Your ruling planet Venus enters fellow earth sign Capricorn and it has you taking your romantic decisions more seriously than usual. If you are single and looking at this time, you have a more discerning eye. If you are in a relationship right now you are focused on tending to the responsibilities of a dutiful partner. You like the sound of realistic and achievable long term goals. You want to build together, and you may be investing in something big together or enjoying something together that feels a little out of your budget.

Gemini: This week with Venus, the planet of love, creativity and comfort currently in practical and earthy Capricorn, you are taking a more structured and methodical approach to your lovelife, your creative work, and your spending habits. You don’t have any plans of depriving yourself of anything, but you seek to be more resourceful and realistic about it. If you are single you may find yourself unexpectedly looking for something more serious than you usually would. If you are committed then you seem to be focusing more energy on creating intimacy and indulging in things together as a couple. 

Cancer: This week as Venus (the planet of love, creativity, and comfort) enters your opposite/sister sign of Capricorn, you find yourself wanting to do things differently. In your creative work you find inspiration from things that you have never noticed before and things that are outside of your usual sphere of interests. In love you are not particularly interested in adventure and passion, as you come to suspect that these ideals are more trouble than they are worth. Instead you are attracted to consistency. You are holding yourself to higher standards these days.

Leo: This week as Venus enters responsible and realistic Capricorn, you find yourself thinking about how you want to show up for yourself and how you want to show up for others. You are more methodical and logical these days. You seek to create good habits and to hold yourself accountable to do the things that make you feel your best. In love you strive to show others that you are reliable. You find consistency, integrity, and strong character incredibly sexy. 

Virgo: This week, Venus in Capricorn merges logic and love. You like things that look good on paper and that’s what you want to see in action in your love life. If you are single you may be taking time off from dating to focus on yourself or you may be on the lookout for someone special that you can really build with whom you share similar goals and values with. If you are in a relationship you may be investing in something together, making long term plans, or being more constructive about the time you spend together. 

Libra: This week your ruler Venus moves into resourceful and responsible Capricorn. It’s an ideal time to think about what you really want romantically and professionally and also to set up realistic and achievable goals around that. Small steps are okay. Perhaps you are working on better boundaries for yourself and honoring the boundaries of others. Independence and self sufficiency and becoming more important to you. You are learning the subtle art of knowing when to be more reserved when it comes to love as well as finances. 

Scorpio: This week as Venus enters Capricorn you are feeling more diplomatic. Long standing issues in relationships can be resolved more clearly at this time. If you are single you may find yourself changing the course on your usual quest in terms of what you are looking for in a partner or you may take time off from dating to focus more on yourself. If you are in a relationship you are finding great comfort and accord in the familiarity that you have built with your partner.

Sagittarius: This week Venus, the planet of love, creativity and comfort moves into your second house under the sign of Capricorn. Venus is at home in the second house as it rules the concepts of comfort, stability, and value. During this transit you might find yourself seeking comfort in material stability and you might be surrounding yourself with your most reliable and predictable friends and lovers. More and more you value those who talk the talk and walk the walk. You are thinking more about long term goals. You are more discreet and attentive to details at this time. You find it easier to mediate disagreements and resolve issues.

Capricorn: Great news, Capricorn! This week Venus, the planet of love, comfort, and creativity moves into your first house. You bask in its warm glow as it lends you some extra charm, grace, and wit for the next month. You are also artistically inspired and you may see an end to any writer’s block you may have been suffering from. You may find it hard to resist the urge to splurge on a bit of luxury for yourself during this transit as Venus also rules money, luxury and financial investments. You may be creating new bonds or deepening old ones.

Aquarius: This week Venus moves into Capricorn and therefore your privacy sector. During this transit you may be feeling more reserved and discreet about your love life. It doesn’t mean things have to be boring though, as you find a new sort of delight in the quiet and subtle intimacy. You may take this literally and be spending more time enjoying your own company, or your social battery might be more inclined to spend its energy in one on one quality time sessions with close or familiar people.

Pisces: This week as Venus enters Capricorn you are feeling more social but also more detached and objective. Venus rules love and creativity, while Capricorn is logical, resourceful and practical. Here we see these seemingly opposite ideals harmonizing. You are quite a diplomatic mediator at this time and it seems easier to find the right things to say. In love you are focused more on shared values and a sense of duty to those that you care for. At work you are intent on making good impressions and earning a reputation as a reliable coworker.