Horoscopes: October 28 to November 3

Illustration by Ash Cheshire.

Aries: Venus in Scorpio occurs in your 8th house, the house of taboos, secrets, and other people’s money. You may be sorting out finances with the help of someone else in these coming weeks. You may also experience an increased charge of energy surrounding intimate relationships and spirituality. You may find that some of your beliefs are very different from the ones you started out with when you were younger. It’s a time to examine the how and why of our transformations. You or a love interest or partner may be looking to take the relationship more seriously. 

Taurus: Your ruling planet Venus is in your sister sign of Scorpio aligned with the sun. You are feeling more diplomatic and willing to reconcile your differences with others these days. In love you are interested in commitment and peaceful yet engaging activities. You seek to please yourself and others in meaningful ways. Mercury’s move into your seventh house at the end of the week has you particularly fixated on your concept of fairness. 

Gemini: Venus is in Scorpio in your sixth house. This means that love seems to grow alongside work, daily routines, and wellness. You may be seeing the more practical benefits of love as well as the aspects of love that are important yet overlooked: cooperation, common goals, and constructive activities. Try doing things that really “build” your relationships.

Cancer: This week you’re feeling experimental; you’re willing to just have fun and try new things. It’s an ideal time not to take yourself too seriously. Venus in fellow water sign Scorpio brings a creative and self expressive energy to your love life and artistic endeavors. You are attracted to unique and interesting people, places, and music. If you follow your intuition you realize that you have really great taste.

Leo: Venus is in Scorpio as well as your fourth house. This highlights your family, homelife, and traditions sector. You find great comfort in all things familiar and domestic. In romance you prefer a bit of routine and stability and someone that you can create memories and traditions with. Favorite restaurants, old songs, and comfort movies feature prominently on your list of leisurely activities or date ideas. you are also in the mood to go shopping and to re-decorate your home. You are feeling charming and generous with friends and lovers, it does not go unnoticed. 

Virgo: This week you are in your own little world but you are willing to allow a select few VIPs to come and visit. Venus in Scorpio has you quite fixated on your hobbies and personal interests. You are deep in thought and you may find yourself generating some great creative ideas. You get along best with people who have similar passions to yours. You are most intrigued by deep conversations and witty quips. Mercury in your second house increases your business prospects and earning potential. 

Libra: Your ruling planet Venus in Scorpio helps you get some clarity in your relationships. You may have an easier time expressing your wants and needs to yourself and to others. You find yourself deep in reflective thought, especially those concerning love, the past, and power dynamics. Meanwhile, Mercury in your second house has you coming up with new ways to expand your potential and achieve your goals. you find yourself more focused on material success than usual. 

Scorpio: Both the sun and Venus are aligned in your first house and it’s quite a sexy pairing! You may be feeling adventurous and ready to make changes. It’s times like these when you may feel ready for a drastic change in hairstyle or a big ticket purchase or a road trip. You may also be striving to improve your confidence and finding new ways to connect with others. This transit also inspires treating yourself, so you may be spending a little more money than usual on yourself and your loved ones. In love you are laying it on thick, you are uniquely charming, mysterious and magnetic at this time. You are feeling confident enough to be the kind of lover you want to be. Romance comes naturally to you. 

Sagittarius: This week, Venus in Scorpio inspires a certain sense of privacy concerning your emotions and your love life. You may be taking a break from dating or you may be feeling more lowkey in relationships. You are more likely to express yourself in subtle ways. Anything intimate that may transpire is done with a great deal of discretion. 

Capricorn: Venus in Scorpio occurring in your eleventh house this week increases your social energy as well as your romantic energy. You are feeling slightly detached but in a way that keeps your vibe peaceful and collected. It’s hard for you to let the little things bother you too much these days. In romantic relationships you value someone who is not just a lover but also a friend who you share common interests and values with. 

Aquarius: This week Venus highlights your personal charm and talents, and it increases your opportunity for professional connections. There may be a fusing of business and art at this time, as your creativity factors much into your work whether you think so or not. Your vibe is friendly, patient and warm and it inspires others to share with you and to collaborate with you.

Pisces: Venus in Scorpio has you looking to shake things up. You find yourself seeking novel experiences and admiring the strange beauty of the world. You may be trying to break out of your routine, to travel, or to make vivacious and daring art. In love you may be exploring new depths with yourself or a partner, switching up roles and power dynamics, having candid discussions, and sharing secrets.