Horoscopes: August 12 to August 18

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: Venus in harmony with your sun sign starting on August 11 and into the next three weeks makes this period all about you. Your energy for others is curious and optimistic, it is an ideal time to connect, pursue art, and follow your heart. The full moon also on the 11th reminds you of what you are working towards these days.

Taurus: Your ruling Venus begins its transit of your fourth house on August 11. Since the fourth house rules home and family, you may find yourself comfortably planted in one place. Your mood is more gentle and you seek to create peace in the environments that you inhabit. You are feeling closer to loved ones and are making more authentic connections as you show up more fully as your unabashed self.

Gemini: This week you are working on your diplomatic skills, as you tire of putting your foot in your mouth. Venus in your communication sector for the next three weeks has you speaking with more care and thought. You especially enjoy conversations about the past and the “why” behind how things are today. It’s good to understand the reason for things.

Cancer: The full moon on August 11 in Aquarius brings your mind to the big picture, not only for you, but for the social causes and the people and ideas that you hold in your heart. You know your goals and will need to connect with others to fight onward. Venus moves into its natural ruler of your second house, harmonizing with your financial and material well-being sector. Your energy and charm attracts opportunities and reminds you it is also important to invest in yourself while caring for others.

Leo: The full moon in your opposite sign of Aquarius on August 11 practically screams “these are my goals for a relationship.” It highlights and clarifies what we want out of our intimate relationships. It’s an ideal time to talk about what we want and be clear with our intentions. If you are in a relationship, plan some quality time and team building activities. If you’re single, you might be setting your intentions to get closer to your crush. If you’re not looking you might be prioritizing your platonic connections or your connection with yourself and being more constructive with plans and goals.

Virgo: You’re feeling daydreamy this week as Venus enters your privacy sector. You may be feeling quiet and reserved while retreating to a fantasy world in your mind. As is your style, you prefer to keep some of the more extravagant thoughts to yourself for personal enjoyment. In non-digital relationships you may be feeling a little shy which can lead to frustrations; do your best to share your feelings.

Libra: This week you are feeling slightly more detached. You just aren’t taking things so personally right now. Your ruler Venus in your 11th house, the house of society and social circles, seems to smooth out any rough edges you may have had in your previous interactions. You are feeling more objective, and this gives you an aura of ease and charm. People come to you for unbiased advice. 

Scorpio: The full moon in Aquarius on August 11 has you thinking about career, education and long term life goals. It’s perhaps something you’ve been having a hard time articulating to yourself but it’s time to confront your desires. Venus in your tenth house this week coincides on the professional front as well. You find it easy to make good impressions and to self promote. You are particularly appreciative of thoughtful and caring people at this time, as you feel that you can work well alongside them.

Sagittarius: This week you have no time for the routine or the mundane, your mind craves stimulation. Venus in your ninth house, the house of mind expansion, means that you seek unique experiences with unique people, new perspectives, and novel ideas. You are attracted to people with different lives and stories from yours. Your mind is open. In love, you may be trying new approaches.

Capricorn: This week you are feeling more confident in your thoughts and tuned in to the universe. Venus in your eighth house(the house of the esoteric and the taboo) deepens your mood, intensifies your intuition and has you facing some quite strange concepts as if they were printed in the funny pages. You are reflecting deeply on your philosophy, your faith, and your spirituality. The full moon in Aquarius on August 11 brings a burst of motivational energy.

Aquarius: The full moon in your sign on August 11 inspires you to express yourself more authentically and to speak more candidly. You are opening up more, and there are many deep feelings to be revealed. Venus transits your 11th house and brings both adaptability and commitment into your relationships of all kinds, both of which have been greatly needed.

Pisces: The full moon in Aquarius on August 11 reminds you to work hard and play harder. You need to balance your work and recreation as you tend to flip from one extreme to the other in a cycle of burnout. Venus’ influence on your sixth house reminds you that you don’t have to do everything by yourself, you can bring a friend or partner along on your errands, you can include others in your creative projects, you can have a gym buddy, etc. Try some teamwork.