Horoscopes: July 8 to July 14

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: Every sign has its challenges. Sometimes yours is your pride and stubbornness, Aries. This week you may be asked to expand your idea of your role in your relationships. Jupiter’s influence is fortunately here to assist you as it highlights and challenges the areas where you feel “stuck” and encourages you to try new approaches. Beware of escapism and shallow pursuits when it’s time to do the real work. Trying to be “cool” causes long term problems. The full moon in Capricorn on the 13th brings emotions into the realm of consciousness. There is a sense of balance between the dream and the goal. 

Taurus: Mars enters your sign on July 5th. This personal planet directs energy towards our personality, ambition, drive, and passion. It also rules instincts and the more animal side of human nature. How do you get in touch with and hear the wisdom of your core self? During this transit you may find that you value nature and simplicity. You are seeking the inherent goodness within yourself. You are looking for ways not only to move through life with confidence, but without concern for many of modern society’s trappings about what should make us feel good or bad about ourselves. You just want to unplug and simply be.

Gemini: On July 5th, your ruling planet Mercury enters Cancer. You feel inspired to retreat from social life and you have less FOMO about doing so; you feel like you already know what is going on out there. You are devoting more time and energy to personal matters and hard hitting issues and you feel a need to express your deeper emotions. In your day to day interactions you are more interested and attuned to the feelings and experiences of others and you feel clarity through your empathy. 

Cancer: Mercury in your first house beginning on the 5th as well as the sun in your first house, highlights your personal and mental sectors. You feel that you need the right setting and the right mood to come out of your shell, and when you do find that setting, you are totally unstoppable. This week you have a sharp sense for details and nuances; you are excellent at listening, learning and expressing yourself. You are most interested in topics that have specific or personal emotional elements at this time, and your memory factors heavily into your conversations and tasks. The full moon in your opposite sign on Capricorn on the 13th drives you to be the most mature, independent, and empowered version of yourself, but it may also point to the incongruencies of the past and the present. 

Leo: Mercury in Cancer on the 5th brings emotionality and logic together, and you realize you can’t have one without the other. This week’s theme has a lot to do with two seemingly opposite things converging. The full moon in Capricorn opposing the sun in Cancer on the 13th has you thinking about where love and responsibility meet. You may be exploring what unconditional love and the terms or conditions of a loving relationship have to do with each other, and realizing that even the biggest feelings that come most naturally require a strong foundation. Over the next two weeks you come to find a sense of balance and definition for your feelings and your commitments. 

Virgo: Your ruling planet aligns with the sun in the intuitive water sign of Cancer on the 5th. Through this placement you begin to navigate more with your heart than your head and you notice that many things are not what they appear. In a social setting you value quality interactions with individuals over a quantity of acquaintances that make you feel popular. You have more interest in tailoring things to your specific desires than to what everyone is telling you is “in” right now. You need to feel understood and seen and not simply liked by others. 

Libra: Mars enters Taurus on the 5th where it stays for over a month. During this time, you are able to tap into your drives and passions in deeper and more subtle ways. Your power is slow and steady and may not seem like much at first glance, but behind it there is a strong willpower. There is a cool and calm confidence below your surface that tells you not to give up. This energy shows up particularly well in creative pursuits and long term goals. The full moon in Capricorn on the 13th brings a sense of balance. You are reflecting deeply about where you came from and where you are going. Things are about to be illuminated. 

Scorpio: Mars enters your opposite sign on Taurus on the 5th where it will stay for over a month. During this transit you seek stability and predictability and you value real, tangible results. Your desires are very apparent to you at this time and it is easier than usual to patiently formulate your plans. You are willing to put in great effort towards practical goals. Since this transit occurs in your sister sign it is also worth noting that help from others can be a key component and that being part of a partnership or team that sees the greatness in one another is very important. The full moon in Capricorn on the 13th merges the past and the present as it opposes the sun in Cancer. Cancer is the root, and Capricorn is the branches that seem to touch the sky. Reach up from where you are. 

Sagittarius: Hot and fiery Mars enters steady and slow Taurus on the 5th where it will stay until mid-August. During this transit you may find it difficult to reroute or change lanes, but once you do you find that you are capable of accomplishing amazing things in new ways. Your energy may be quite sleepy until someone comes along and wakes you up, be sure to heed calls and take opportunities. Mars in Taurus means hard work pays off. Meanwhile, Mercury in Cancer infuses your mental and emotional energy and you find it easy to pick up on vibes and tone. It is an ideal time for self-expression as well as truly hearing others out. The full moon in Capricorn on the 13th illuminates questions from the past and plans for the future. 

Capricorn: This week Mercury enters your sister sign (opposite) Cancer. This transit inspires you to take in information in more intuitive ways versus just the cold hard facts. You find that the general mood, or tone of things, tells you more than just words or numbers do, and you pick up on this quite naturally without too much thought. Your creativity is highlighted and your interactions with others are deep and empathetic. The full moon in your sign on the 13th can bring about epiphanies about your deepest dreams and desires and where they originate from. You may be thinking or re-thinking about your own interpretations of concepts like relationships, reward, discipline, and commitment. You have a lot of things to think and feel your way through over the next few weeks. Be kind to yourself.

Aquarius: This week, spicy Mars makes a stop at sweet Taurus for the next month or so, and you are feeling determined and steadfast. In fact, you feel ready to uphold something or withstand anything. You seek to work methodically and to gain material stability through your efforts. You invest in causes that speak to your heart and that feel personal to you. The full moon in Capricorn on the 13th reminds you of where you have come from and how that has shaped where you want to be going. Raw emotions may be rising to the surface and they have yet to be refined. Handle with care.

Pisces: Mercury in Cancer from the 5th to the 19th speaks to your water sign powers. You are always someone who values quality over quantity in your interactions, this week even moreso. Your mental energy is infused with your potent emotions and psychic undercurrents. Memories from the past seem to appear to you like visions or scenes from an old movie. There is a touch of sepia toned nostalgia and sentimentality to all that you think about, but instead of holding you back, it has a way of moving you forward into something new. The full moon in Capricorn on the 13th brings together many seemingly opposing concepts, you may be thinking about where love meets stability and where creativity meets practicality. This lunation also illuminates the “oldest” parts of the self. Ancient truth is spoken.