Horoscopes: Jan. 28 – Feb. 3, 2022

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: This week with Mercury in Capricorn you are going to have to get real with yourself. Someone has been sugar coating the truth for you because they feel like you can’t handle it. Be more open and approachable. Let people know that they can tell you what is really going on and that you are willing to work with them. 

Taurus: This week you are the hardest working underdog. You have a way of building something grand out of very little material. Your mental energy and emotional strength prevail and help you to see slow but steady progress in your life. In the face of your frustration, combat it with persistence. Multiple planetary aspects in fellow earth sign Capricorn encourage you to keep going, stay consistent, and be true to your heart.

Gemini: Your ruling planet is in seriously sardonic Capricorn, so your sense of humor is rather witty and dark. Take a closer look and see what’s behind all that. Is there something that you are working through with this humor? Let it flow organically and process it in your own unique way.

Cancer: This week you are determined to design a new routine and stick with it. Multiple planetary placements in your opposite sign of Capricorn could be what is inspiring you to be more particular about your day to day life. In relationships you are reserved and not ready to open up about certain things, but that’s alright, because you will know when you are comfortable sharing. 

Leo: This week and well into the year there will be a theme of taking charge, heeding the call, and being responsible. Long term plans begin to take shape with every small step. New information becomes available over the weekend that will help you make the best decisions and wisest investments. 

Virgo: This week with many major aspects in fellow earth sign Capricorn it is very important to feel independent and to feel impervious to the judgements of others. Seeking external validation can be fruitless, because what you seek can only come from within. You will falter when you doubt yourself or try to follow someone else’s lead. 

Libra: Mercury in Capricorn asks you to play the long game. Chasing cheap thrills and instant gratification will get you nowhere or someplace worse. Invest your time and energy in worthwhile things that reciprocate your patience and loyalty. You can become easily distracted by shiny new things, but now is not the time to go shopping. 

Scorpio: Mars in your third house opens up your communication style. You are feeling more comfortable and you are able to describe your feelings with more ease. Entertaining banter and playful competition can liven up your relationships at the moment. This can also be an excellent opportunity to let people know what goes on in your head from time to time. Some folks would really appreciate the insight. 

Sagittarius: Since Mars has exited your sign this week you are feeling more relaxed and less competitive. Perhaps you may now realize that the standards that you have set for yourself can be quite harsh or rigid. Focus on learning instead of winning. Everyone has their own right pace.

Capricorn: This week Mars moves into your sign and will be with you until March 6th. This can stir up a lot of motivation and confidence for you. You may be feeling more passionate, curious, and engaged during this transit. All this, of course, must be wielded with caution, as Mars can also make us impulsive and unfocused. 

Aquarius: This week feels rather private and subdued as you find ways to discreetly and sensitively address some long standing interpersonal issues. You may be realizing that there was miscommunication between you and someone close. Mars in your 12th house, the house of intuition, helps you to uncover your true feelings and to open up to empathize more with others. 

Pisces: Mercury in Capricorn adds structure to your thoughts. Words become tools under this transit and you feel more confident than ever that you can use words to build your vision. Communication can be hard for a shy and dreamy Pisces who would much rather use telepathy or poetry to tell someone how they are feeling. Lucky for you there is Mercury in Capricorn, inspiring you to keep it simple and direct, because unfortunately not everyone is as in tune to the ethereal realm as you.