Horoscopes: April 16 – 22, 2021

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: This week Juno retrograde in Sagittarius, which lasts on through the summer. can turn up the heat and the drama on our relationships.The casual can become committed in the blink of an eye during this retrograde. Pre-existing relationships may also take turns towards being more honest and intimate; hard conversations can prove frightful and fruitful. Loyalty will be rewarded tenfold and duplicity will be punished hundredfold. Freedom loving fire sign Sagittarius creates mixed signals on our wants and needs in the area of partnerships. 

Taurus: Your ruling planet Venus and the Sun entering your sign on the 22nd aligns your inner and outer world, it can be easier during this time to put yourself out there, be less shy, and speak your mind in social settings, ringing in your season in a way that casts off the cobwebs of the previous season. Juno retrograde in Sagittarius can put a spotlight on your wish for more nuance in your partnerships dynamics. You can be feeling slightly detached and aloof in your romantic endeavors, be careful not to neglect these areas or leave anyone feeling confused. That being said, you could be seeking some breathing room and alone time. People’s questions are stressing you out.

Gemini: Your ruling planet Mercury enters earthy and practical Taurus along with Venus and the sun. All these major players in Taurus create a drive towards more slow and steady decision making, consistency, and routine. Thanks to this, in conjecture with Juno in retrograde, In your romantic endeavors there may be an unexpected urge to settle down or cloister yourself away from the rest of the world. You could be more geared towards having a one track mind this week. 

Cancer: Juno in retrograde in Sagittarius creates a mismatched desire for romance and commitment and also freedom and impulsivity. How do you have your cake and eat it too? It can be tempting to stir up trouble. This asteroid will be in retrograde well into the summer, so there is bound to be drama and intrigue depending on how you play your cards. Three major aspects in Taurus this week can inspire indulgence and spending.

Leo: Juno in retrograde can create a challenging situation in your romance department. There may be an urge to kiss and tell, and it can leave someone feeling betrayed. Choose your words wisely and navigate with discretion. Three major astrological players in Taurus have you craving security and consistency from those around you, but you may find that you have to give in order to receive. Your goals are simple and down to Earth. 

Virgo: The Sun, Mercury, and Venus in fellow Earth sign Taurus this week bring things into your sphere of interests. You are feeling methodical and organized in your day to day, and have some extra energy left over for friends and romantic partners since things are going according to plans. Your common sense keeps your feet on the ground, and a friend may be coming to you for support or insight, which you feel you can provide in a very unique and personalized way. 

Libra: Your ruling planet Venus in fellow Venusian sign Taurus brings energy and focus to romance and material possessions. You may be spending lavishly on yourself or a special someone lately, and it’s okay to have these sorts of indulgences from time to time. Try not to guilt yourself, but also make sure not to go overboard. Juno in retrograde can have a confounding influence on our expectations as far as commitment and domestic arrangements go. There may be a need to negotiate some details concerning such affairs. Don’t give up too easily. Say what you are thinking.

Scorpio: Your rigidness and overthinking have had you cornered quite a few times these past few weeks and it has left you feeling stuck in one place. Others may be upset with you at times due to this. Venus and Mercury in your opposite sign of Taurus this week can have a cooling and calming effect; there is good energy for smoothing things over and setting things right. Juno’s retrograde in Sagittarius asks you to bend the rules for love. You’ll need to be more flexible. Loosen up a little, Scorpio!

Sagittarius: Juno retrograde in your sign highlights your need for lightheartedness and pragmatism in your partnerships, both romantic or otherwise. It’s important to be on the same page with those around you, lest you have someone who is always trying to lasso you into something more serious and committed than you’d like it to be. The Sun enters Taurus and turns some of your energy towards home and career as well. You are finding that money truly isn’t everything, but it sure is nice to have around.

Capricorn: The Sun, Mercury, and Venus align in fellow Earth sign Taurus this week, making you feel at home in your routine and giving you a steady energy for organizing and completing your to do lists. Juno, an asteroid that influences partnerships, arrangements and romance, is retrograde in Sagittarius for the next few months. Through this transit we can expect to see some interpersonal dynamics shift, some relationships to deepen, others may, end and new ones may begin. 

Aquarius: The Sun, Mercury, and Venus align in Taurus this week. This is accompanied by Juno, the asteroid of partnership which is in retrograde in Sagittarius, making for a potent mixture of curiosity and stubbornness in terms of romance and relationships. You want what you want, and it can be hard to try to see through anyone else’s eyes even if that’s what could bring you closer. Turn up the empathy for best results.

Pisces: This week there are three major planetary aspects in quiet and steadfast Taurus. You may be more intent just focusing on your inner world in the coming weeks. Feelings of retiring shyness can slow down what has been an otherwise fast paced season. You need a break. Juno in retrograde in Sagittarius can help us to reevaluate the power dynamics in our intimate partnerships, some bonds may strengthen while others may naturally fall away. Either way there is bound to be an interesting turn of events this season.

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