Aries: Pluto conjuncts Jupiter this week and broadens your horizons. This long term planetary aspect shines good fortune on those who take chances and try new things. Positive outlooks can feel easier to maintain in the coming weeks, and interpersonal relationships can forge forward with common goals and shared interests. Mars turning direct in your sun sign after two months of retrograde can also put your focus back on track in new and unexpected arenas. The new moon in Scorpio on the 15th is a time to turn inward and face some darker aspects of our inner selves, which although challenging, can be liberating and can increase self awareness.

Taurus: Pluto and Jupiter conjunct each other in a dance of daring and luck. This long term planetary aspect brings about a wave of positivity and adventurous spirit. Through this transaction you may be feeling more self reliant and sure of your abilities, and this can be the push forward you need towards a certain goal. Mars station in Aries can also help you figure out what you want this week as well as what you don’t want, and both can become easier to communicate clearly to others. The new moon in Scorpio on the 15th asks us to do some work with our own shadows that can prove very beneficial to our sense of self.

Gemini: Pluto’s conjunction with Jupiter encourages you to raise your expectations and create a more positive outlook. It can now feel a little easier to hope for the best. Mars goes station in its ruling sign of Aries after two months of retrograde that may have turned our wishes and goals on their heads temporarily. Fortunately in the coming weeks there will now be a better environment for figuring out what we want. The new moon in Scorpio on the 15th turns our energy inward towards the darker aspects of ourselves, and this may require a certain amount of plumbing the depths of one’s soul.

Cancer: Pluto’s conjunction with Jupiter creates a more expansive outlook. You may be feeling more comfortable doing things in your own unique way on your own time in the coming weeks. Trying new things or venturing outside the norm are met with good fortune under this aspect. Meanwhile. Mars goes station in Aries mid week and our decision making and goal setting gets back on track after two months of retrograde uncertainty. The new moon in Scorpio on the 15th creates an introspective environment that leans into the dirty work of self exploration, we may be reflecting on the more shadowy aspects of ourselves, but it can be for the best.

Leo: Pluto’s conjunction with Jupiter open’s up doors that you didn’t even know you were waiting to walk through, this long term transit increases the possibilities and stacks the odds more in your favor. Furthering his energy is the fact that Mars goes station in its ruling sign of Aries after two month of retrograde that had us feeling hopeless and rather stuck. In the coming weeks you will be returning to your flow and feeling more confident in your choices. On the 15th the new moon in Scorpio asks us to check ourselves before we wreck ourselves. You may even have in mind what questions you want to ask yourself.

Virgo: Pluto and Jupter form a positive aspect with one another in a long term transit that inspires you to take more chances and branch out of your usual routine. When Pluto and Juptier are in conjunction there is a happy mix of mystery and luck, so expect something good for a change! Mars ends its retrograde in Aries this week. Our goals and desires can become easier to articulate to ourselves and to others. The new moon in Scorpio on the 15th creates an emotionally intense landscape of self reflection and shadow work as you may be examining the less than cute aspects of your inner workings. Don’t worry, everybody’s got them!

Libra: Big changes may be in store for you over the next few months as Pluto conjuncts Jupiter. You are feeling more objective and open minded than ever before, and you are willing to try new things and stray from the beaten path to gain new insight. Throughout the past two months of Mars retrograde, your wants and needs have evolved, and now that Mars goes station in its ruling sign of Aries you can feel ready to see what that’s been all about. The new moon in Scorpio on the 15th asks you to get real with yourself and do away with the sugar coating.

Scorpio: The sun in your sign means you are getting some extra attention these days and people can feel mysteriously drawn to you. It can get a little overwhelming! The new moon in your sign on the 15th gives you the retreat you seek as you sink into the warm dark waters of your own psyche for a little on brand pensive brooding, you just might come out of it with some good ideas or new aspects of self awareness. Pluto’s conjunction with Jupiter creates a long term aspect that expands your horizon and can add a touch of positivity and optimism to your outlook that simply wasn’t there before.

Sagittarius: Your ruling planet Jupiter forms a positive conjunction with Pluto in a long term transit that opens doors and creates intrigue and opportunity. You can see more and more blockages begin to dissolve and new paths can be forged if you let your optimism take the lead. Mars turning station in it’s ruling sign of Aries can also clear up any stagnation and let some fresh air in. The new moon in Scorpio on the 15th has you turning inwards and examining some of the deeper darker areas of your heart. The moon shifts into your sign the very next day and brings it all out into the daylight.

Capricorn: Pluto and Jupiter form a positive conjunction which expands your horizons and encourages you to branch out and try new things. Unconventionality gets the best results in the coming weeks. Energy may be on the upswing due in part to Mercury ending its retrograde and returning to its stationed path in the sign of Aries. You can be feeling more direct, and it can be easier to make decisions and enact your plans. The full moon in Scorpio on the 15th brings intense emotions to the surface. You can harness the energy of this lunar position by carving out a few hours of peaceful contemplation. 

Aquarius: Your head clears of cobwebs under the influence of Pluto and Jupiter’s conjunction. This positive aspect has far reaching effects on your outlook and can inspire optimism and curiosity. Meanwhile, Mars returns station in the sign of Aries after a two month long retrograde that could have had you acting out of sorts. You may realize retrospectively that you have been stepping on some people’s toes lately in your rush to accomplish your goals. Apologies may be in order. The new moon in Scorpio on the 15th lets you know it’s time to take a break and do some deep self reflecting.

Pisces:  Pluto’s conjunction with Jupiter sparks your rebellious and creative side and brings optimism and general good energy to the table. Mars turning station in Aries after a two month retrograde period can end a bout of relationship doldrums or indecisiveness that you have been experiencing. You might examine some of the deep shadowy regions of your inner self. This can be a good evening for some quality meditative alone time. You might find that it’s not as harsh as it sounds. Meet yourself with understanding (the kind you usually only give to others).