Aries: There is a mood of parallel extremes this week. You may be feeling simultaneously happy yet sad, motivated yet lazy, loving yet resentful. Mercury turning retrograde in Scorpio creates a landscape of mental and emotional contradiction. You try to keep a cool head and just keep smiling through the mire, and it has almost everybody fooled. Mixing work and play is a refresher for any stagnant energy that has been causing your attention to drift. The moon in your ideas sector at the end of the week means you can be open to change.

Taurus: Self-improvement and wellness take a front seat this week as you try to revamp your routines and habits. Fine tuning and details are more important than usual. There is an emphasis on joyful connection, candid expression, and personal fulfilment. Mercury turns retrograde in your opposite sign of Scorpio mid-week. There can be a slightly discordant energy out in the world, and you really want nothing to do with it. You feel compelled to mind your own business and focus on the positive. There are some strange goings on.

Gemini: Multiple retrogrades cause a commotion for you throughout the month of October. Nonetheless your vibrational energy runs at a high frequency and your senses feel particularly keen. Your ruling planet turns retrograde in the sign of Scorpio mid-week and nothing seems to be going according to plan. It’s best not to aim for perfection during this period, but do the best you can with the information that you have and improvise if you need to. Venus transits your privacy sector and you feel compelled to set some of your secrets free into the wind or into the ear of a trusted friend.

Cancer: A new beginning at the start of the week has all of your focus and attention. All month long you have been branching out in ways big and small and trying new things. You are arriving at new levels of clarity and understanding. Unfortunately Mercury turns retrograde in Scorpio mid week and for the time being some signals may be getting mixed up. Venus balances things out in your favor by staying in your communications sector, increasing your charm, intellect, and social skills. You are a natural at learning and creating and it can be used to your advantage.

Leo: There is a lot to learn this week as Mercury turns retrograde in Scorpio on the 13th. Things can feel disjointed or on hold but there is a study in patience to be had. Despite the classic retrograde stress this week, the remainder of the month of October has plenty of opportunity for developments in career, art and romance. Psychological growth becomes more and more of a priority along with forming relationships based on trust, care, and responsibility. More and more you find that you just don’t have the patience for immaturity from others, and you don’t have the patience to self sabotage any longer either.

Virgo: Venus in your sign all through the month inspires confidence and a new adventurous style. People may notice that you are coming out of your shell and they are excited to learn things about you, so don’t be too shy to share your thoughts. Mars in retrograde stirs up a need for change, especially in regard to work or finances. Your ruling planet Mercury also enters retrograde in Scorpio on the 13th and your signal may contain a bit of static, it’s nothing to worry about because there are plenty of outside the box solutions to be had and it’s a good opportunity to practice being more flexible.

Libra: The sun in your first house is always a time of great personal development. You may be focusing on setting goals, saving money, or building up a portfolio. Mars continues its retrograde transit of your partnership sector and there can be revelations about hidden feelings, interest in a new person, or a breakthrough in an existing relationship. This can all be very intriguing but retrograde season reminds us to tread lightly and keep it simple. Focusing your energy on one thing at a time gets the best results but don’t overdo it on the editing and revising.

Scorpio: Ambition and action take precedence this week as you feel energized by a Mars Pluto transit that highlights your most Scorpio attributes. Your powers of discernment are fine tuned to lead you on a beneficial path this week. The only thing that makes a bump in the road is Mercury’s turn retrograde in your sign. This can lead to some intense emotions and some strange or impulsive desires. Proceed with caution, but proceed nonetheless. Expand your mind and take time to reflect, Mercury has a way of getting us tangled in our thoughts, so it’s best to create space.

Sagittarius: Your dreams and your daydreams tell you a lot this week about how you are feeling and what you wish for. There appear to be signs and symbolism everywhere you look. Mars in retrograde shines a light on what you wouldn’t normally admit to yourself, or to anyone else for that matter. Both Mars and Mercury in conjunctive retrograde can unbury some hidden things, or some subconscious debris can become dislodged. It may seem worrisome, but there will be a relief in feeling that there is nothing to conceal. 

Capricorn: Venus in your 9th house supports you in your emotional endeavors. Artistic projects ease your mind and boosts your sense of self and accomplishment. You are not short on charm or wit during this transit. Mars in retrograde uncovers some old or hidden feelings that may need some fresh air and daylight. The remainder of October can best be spent renovating, revising and breaking old habits, this season is all about freedom of movement and change for you, Capricorn. If you want results you are going to have to try something different.

Aquarius: You are reaching a proverbial “crunch time” on work and creative projects and home improvement tasks. You can feel a sense of urgency that puts you in a foul mood. Beware of the strain on both muscle and mind. With patience and a dynamic approach you accomplish more than with just trying to get things over with, deliberation is the key. Now is also a good time to check yourself, perhaps you behave in ways that are guarded and stand-offish and the root of that should be examined, and ask yourself if that’s really who you want to be?

Pisces: Venus in your relationship sector brings attention to your inner circle. You feel that you have more energy to extend love and care to friends and partners and there can be a wealth of affection and appreciation. There is a depth and knowing to your energy this week that inspires trust in you from others. Breakthroughs can occur in school, work, and love life where you had previously been feeling stuck. Plan ahead, leave early, keep your phone charged. It’s a routine sort of discord that highlights the absurdity of modern life.