Aries: The new moon in Virgo at the start of the weekend is the perfect space to think and to clear your head. You may find that there are things you fixate on wanting simply because other people have them, but in reality you find that these things don’t actually interest you. Comparison can be a self destructive force and can rob us of personal enjoyment. The moon’s movement through the lower part of your solar chart in conjecture with Mars retrograde can be about a simple and frank period of self analysis of the hows and whys of your desires.

Taurus: You are loyal to many things, but are you loyal to yourself? The new moon in Virgo is a moment suspended in time that can provide a very specific kind of clarity for you throughout the weekend. The first cool breezes of autumn inspire a pensive mood. You may find yourself at a crux in terms of your values. There are many ways in which you may be holding yourself to a double standard, there are things you would do to help others but not for yourself. Loyalty to yourself means sticking to goals, validating your own feelings, and setting time aside to relax.

Gemini: Mercurial energy peaks with the new moon in Virgo on the 17th, and this energy carries through the rest of the week. Some may try to make you feel like a fool for your optimism and idealism, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a positive impact on those close to you. This week it can be especially impactful in ways that you may not know or see. Your spark and spontaneity are powerful and can truly inspire change. You may find it easier to cope with your jittery nature if you find a constructive outlet.

Cancer: Mars retrograde can be an especially strange time for those born under the sign of Cancer, as Mars is in the “shadow” area of your sign and these energies can feel contradictory or opposite in some ways. It can be a difficult time that comes with a hefty amount of processing, especially the processing of emotions about sex, desire, anger, and self image. The new moon in Virgo sets a tone of deep self reflecting this week and begins a month long cycle of cleansing and renewal. Letting go brings a sense of refreshed perspective.

Leo:  The new moon in Virgo this week is the perfect time for you to start a new project, or to reach out and engage with the world in a way that breaks from your usual routine. Your occasional bouts of rigidity and inflexibility in life can sometimes put you on a track that loops in an infinite circle; you may soon feel warmed up to the idea of examining why you get so stuck doing things one way for so long. You crave a sense of accomplishment and the feeling that you are doing good work in life, to see a plan begin to unfold, and to have that recognized by others.

Virgo:  The new moon in your sign heightens your senses. You may be feeling like you have psychic powers but you may also be feeling like a raw nerve. It’s important not to fight your emotions or to attempt (poorly) at concealing them from those who know you well as you usually try to do. Stoicism is not necessarily strength. There may be an urge to behave in ways that are incendiary or contradictory which can create unnecessary tension due to unaddressed restlessness. Think and reflect before you act. 

Libra: Your ruling planet’s transit with Uranus this week can put a bit of a speed bump on your path this week. There can be an uncharacteristic shyness or awkwardness around social interactions. But the new moon in Virgo this week can kick off a wave of self reflection and restful solitude that can help to buff out any embarrassments that may be suffered. A great change of pace is in the works with a calmer and less restless energy. The nights are cool and quiet. The sun entering your sign on the 22nd opens familiar doors to a comfortable space.

Scorpio: The new moon in Virgo re-centers your self reflection. The influence of the planet Mercury can bring attention to the fact that you need to improve your listening skills. You are often so wrapped up in your own thoughts you are only half tuned in to what people are telling you, and most of the time they feel comfortable sharing more with you than they do with others, so it would be wise to honor that. The sun’s shift into Libra on the 22nd highlights your social sector as well. Be on the lookout for unlikely opportunities. 

Sagittarius: The new moon in Virgo and the sun’s move into the house of Libra this week highlight your need for reevaluation. In the past your excited or restless nature has caused you to be rather tactless. Streamlining a system for careful word choice and consideration can be helpful in your work and social life. Overall, the energy this week feels slower paced, and you can be more prepared to follow a step by step plan. Improvements and turnarounds are possible, and obstacles may dissolve unexpectedly.

Capricorn: The new moon in Virgo at the cusp of the weekend is a refresh button for the coming month, as is the start of Libra season on the 22nd. Small changes have a large impact during this time, so try something new everyday to keep your mind sharp. It may also serve you to turn down the volume on your inner critic since it has done more harm than good lately, and can get in the way of life’s simple pleasures. There is a breezy, slowed down pace to the week, and the joy will be in the details. Evenings feel pensive and dreamlike.

Aquarius: Throughout this Virgo season your need to organize and work hard has gone into overdrive. The new moon this week is a good opportunity to press pause and see how you are driving yourself towards madness. The sun’s shift into fellow air sign Libra brings a new lighter energy that compliments your first house better. Try to catch yourself when you are getting too fixated on one thing, lest you lose sight of the larger picture. Avoid agreeing to too many things at once. There can be a rapid exchange of ideas that sweeps you away.

Pisces: The new moon in Virgo highlights your self awareness sector. You may be reflecting on some deeper things this week that have not been fully examined before. There is a cool and level headed gaze that turns inward; it need not be a trek through a haunted house! The sun’s shift into Libra on the 22nd takes your focus off of money and career and more into the social, romantic and artistic zones. There is a drive to cultivate personal responsibility and to end self destructive cycles.