Aries: There is a precarious vibe to the week which would be best left undisturbed. You can be feeling really energetic and competitive, but it could potentially rub somebody the wrong way since you can end up being pretty “in your face” with people. Solo hobbies and pastimes work best for you to harness your jitters into a focused motivation. You can get a lot done as Monday kicks off with the moon in complimentary Scorpio where there is no shortage of Mars energy to propel you forwards.

Taurus: This week and the end of August can be a time of serious rearranging and adjustment on a personal level for you, Taurus, especially about home life or job matters. Monday sees the moon in your opposite sign of Scorpio and creates an atmosphere for realization and reflection. Friction from the past few weeks can be the impetus for change and results. Uncertainty may try to hold you back until you remember that nothing is ever certain anyway. Sleep on any big decisions. The sun enters Virgo on the 22nd and a level headed practicality can emerge.

Gemini: Emotions run high for you this week and you feel like you are absorbing the vibes of everyone around you. Beware of oversharing with the wrong person this week; some people may take your ideas and run with them. While you may be feeling emotionally tender you are also feeling vital and alive in a very human way. The waxing moon in your opposite sign of Sagittarius on Wednesday helps you gather strength and momentum. Avoidant behavior is not sustainable.

Cancer: People around you may feel hot and cold this week. Don’t worry, it’s not all in your head. The energy this week can be somewhat moody and intense. Progress with projects or endeavors can be rather choppy and unpredictable, so don’t get frustrated. The moon in your fellow water sign of Scorpio on Monday highlights dreams, desires, and the deeper meaning of things. The sun entering Virgo on the 22nd cools off the heat of the spotlight that Leo had been shining on us. You can be feeling less social and even a bit more retiring and tactical for the next four weeks.

Leo: You may be sad to say farewell to Leo season but Virgo season which starts on the 22nd has some positive changes in store for you. Changes to routine, breaking bad habits and reigniting your passion for old hobbies and interests are favored through this transit. There is a new practical clarity arriving on a cool and refreshing breeze. Social endeavors feel like less of a priority over the next four weeks, and romance may feel like more effort than it is worth. You may find yourself over the idea of caring what people think of you. Their intentions may become more obvious to you as you view them through this lense.

Virgo: Your soar season begins this week on the 22nd!  The sun in your first house highlights identity and personal endeavors. Mental and emotional breakthroughs are likely in the four weeks that follow. Virgo season is a time of healing and therapeutic retreat so focusing on wellness along with gentle, soothing activities is a great way to celebrate. Your ruler Mercury will also be in your sign until September 5th, highlighting writing, communication and research. Curiosity leads you to valuable information.

Libra: When you imagine the future you feel restless and your idle hands can lead you to distractions. The sun’s shift into earthy Virgo has you wanting to feel useful. You seek a meaningful purpose that can only be discovered by looking within. Mercury in Virgo highlights an exchange of ideas. A close friend or lover may relay to you some information that can make you feel grounded and validated. This is a time to keep your ears and your mind open.

Scorpio: Mercury in your 11th house until September 5th highlights your more outgoing and daring nature. As the Sun shifts into Virgo at the top of the week you may find it best to connect with others to achieve goals. Those you know can be excellent assets in the four weeks that follow, so being open and available to communications suits your purposes most thoroughly. Let people know what you are looking for. The moon in your sign on Monday and Tuesday brings about an intense energy, but if you get the right spin on it, it can be rather snazzy and fun. 

Sagittarius: You may be putting unnecessary pressure on yourself to be in the place that everyone thinks you should be. There is no timeline for one’s life goals and most of the time things occur naturally “out of order.” The sun’s shift out of fiery Leo and into cool, practical Virgo can bring attention to material matters and Earthly affairs. The moon in your sign on Wednesday and Thursday may bring about a strange spell of impulsivity. 

Capricorn: You feel more prepared for life’s challenges as the sun shifts into fellow earth sign Virgo’s house. Breaking old habits and forming new more positive ones is highlighted in the following month of Virgo season. Through this transit you can be feeling more decisive and expressive. The moon in your sign over the weekend doubles down on the inward, regenerative energy of Earth signs, and the vibe is best used to give yourself some respite from the world that’s been wearing on you. Give your soul a break.

Aquarius: The sun’s shift into Virgo season highlights your sense of work and duty, but it can also be putting your perfectionism into overdrive. This may not only drive you crazy but others around you as they watch you endlessly tweaking and adding to something that was technically done and completed about 100 phases ago. Check yourself, because this could be coming from a pace of not feeling “good enough.” Sometimes things are fine just the way they are. There is much to be said for letting things occur organically.

Pisces: The sun moves into your opposite sign of Virgo at the top of the week. This can inspire a sense of centrifuge and energetic balance. You feel grounded and have the sense of a fresh start after much trial and tribulation. Mercury, which will also be in Virgo until September 5th, highlights your need to bounce your ideas off of others and to gain personal insight from people who you trust to advise you. If you truly tune into what others are saying you may find indispensable knowledge there that needed to be heard and taken seriously. Listen with your heart.