Letter to the Editor

A surgical mask
Photo: FDA


I work as a consultant with HHS, the city and a number of other agencies and companies. I have been doing this for many years including during the initial AIDS crisis. I recently, at the beginning of COVID-19, relocated to Philadelphia from a surrounding county and have frequented the city my entire life.

I have been involved during COVID-19 as an observer of mask and social distancing guidelines and other compliance-related restrictions, and I advise government and businesses on implementation of said guidelines and compliance methods.

I am a proud member of the LGBT community and an activist, having fought hard my entire life for equality and having volunteered, donated and led activities locally and nationally to achieve marriage equality and other freedoms. I have grown to rely on PGN for information that I needed to know to live responsibly as a member of our community. 

Recently I have been very disappointed by the ignorance of our community when it comes to compliance with the mask and social distancing guidelines. I pass through the Gayborhood daily on my commute for work and see overwhelming ignorance, ignorance that kills people. This from a community that touts their intelligence as above average and a community that drives our economy. 

Please, PGN, let’s help stop this selfishness. Do your part responsibly as the informer of our community to engage with our community and these businesses to stop this foolishness.

I write this not just as an editorial comment but a plea to each and every community member’s conscience.

Thank you,


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