Horoscopes: June 13-19, 2020

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: This whole month has so many stimulating placements. Times like this don’t come around too often. A Pluto-Neptune transit has powerful change in the air, and Mercury’s retrograde, which starts at the end of the week, asks you to take your time, think thoroughly and make decisions with confidence. Venus, which is also retrograde, has you looking at relationships very differently from how you viewed them in the past. Maybe the traditional way of approaching them has been outgrown. Rules seem more like loose guidelines, and intuition shows you the way.

Taurus: Your perspective is refreshed after last week’s lunar eclipse in radical Sagittarius. With both Venus and Mercury in retrograde this week, communication, writing and learning are highlighted. You are thinking deeply, and you may be feeling anxious to move forward. With your ruling planet in the protective water sign of Cancer, you feel a deep need to connect with, share with and protect others right now. Your head is in the clouds at times during this transit, but your feet are planted on the ground, and your heart contains the wisdom you need.

Gemini: Venus is still retrograde in your sun sign until June 25. Your love life is very much up for review. Self-image is at the forefront of this placement. Your relationship with yourself deserves love, care and understanding, and every day is a chance to show up for yourself. There is work to be done, and you have the power to do it. In more external affairs, Venus retrograde can bring changes to our relationships with others — what feels fair, what brings satisfaction and what brings joy. How can lovers be independent together?

Cancer: June is a month of growth and renewal for everyone but particularly for you, dear Cancer! Last week’s full moon eclipse in Sagittarius set about a transit that has long term effects on your sixth house, the house of routine, health and day-to-day affairs. You want to switch things up, infuse your life with your philosophy and live in a way more aligned with your beliefs. The mundane becomes ritual, and the rigidness of old habits may no longer suit your needs for flexibility and progress. To top it all off, Mercury goes retrograde in your sign on June 18, when energy and anxiety run high. There is much to think about and learn; take your time and try to stay grounded; self-care is important too.

Leo: This week has some intense vibes, Leo! Even time spent alone trying to unwind can turn into a bout of mental gymnastics. Last week’s lunar eclipse in your fellow fire sign of Sagittarius had you reflecting on your creativity and romance sector. You may be ready to express yourself and your dreams and desires in a new and profound way. Venus’ continued retrograde shows you a part of the past that has stuck with you and slowed you down for far too long. For a fixed sign like Leo, it can be extra scary to experience change, but never forget that you have the heart of a lion.

Virgo: This week’s double whammy retrograde of Mercury and Venus creates the perfect vibe for you to practice the art of letting go. Though it is hard and scary sometimes, there is something in your past that is holding you back, unnecessarily. Maybe you thought it protected you, and maybe it did for a time, but that’s not the case anymore. After last week’s full moon eclipse in Sagittarius, you may be inspired to find a more dynamic flow in your life, to move in accordance with intuition and act from the heart as well as the head — contrary to popular belief, it is possible to do both. 

Libra: Mars’ location in your solar chart this week gives you a boost of get-it-done energy until June 27 this month. You seek fulfillment in the areas of daily life and practical matters, and you feel better equipped for getting down to business these days. Goals and intention setting are particularly comforting and productive at this time. It never hurts to make a list. Just remember you don’t always have to finish it all at once. It’s OK to make changes to your list also or not finish all items. Take it day by day.

Scorpio: Your mind is plumbing the depths even more than usual these days. Your ruler Pluto is in a mysterious dance with Neptune, the planet of dreams, and it is complementing the vibe that the continuing Venus retrograde is bringing. This is the type of astrological forecast that makes one ponder the meaning of life itself. You crave intimate deep conversations, meaningful change, revelations and uncensored truth. Transformation is a keyword for Scorpio, and through this retrograde season, you make some very dynamic shifts. You are viewing your past in a new light, and this helps you make more positive choices in current and future decisions. Your heart is soft, and your mind is strong — the ideal combination.

Sagittarius: After last week’s powerful full moon eclipse that occurred in your sign, you just don’t give a damn what anyone thinks about you. This eclipse sets some wheels into emotion which will be rolling with you for the next two years regarding your inner life and self-image. Mars is in your fourth house until June 27, which brings your attention to home and family. A need for bluntness and honesty may emerge with a certain close relationship. Boundaries may need to be placed and stated.

Capricorn: Mars moves into your communication sector, which means socializing, learning and creative endeavors are highlighted. Be cautious because any Mars shift can make someone a little irritable or impatient from time to time. Venus continues it’s retrograde in Gemini, and you may be viewing your past relationships with greater clarity.  You may feel that you have gained more valuable insight from them and less that they are simply emotional baggage — what a freeing concept. This week’s astrological transits have a buzz around them. Things feel busy and intense. Be sure to set an hour or two aside to unplug and unwind each day if you can.

Aquarius: The month of June is a real eye-opener. So many placements point toward transformation and big reveals. You feel motivated to lead from your heart and follow your intuition, with an emphasis on resourcefulness and community. Venus retrograde brings things to a simmer on a personal level. You may be viewing an old relationship in a new light. A former love may reach out to you, or you may find a new crush to distract yourself with. Exercise caution because Venus in Gemini can cause us to get bored with love quickly!

Pisces: Mars in your sign revs up your need to renovate your life. You wish to refine your routine and organize your space. Impatience and anxiety can be unfortunate side effects of this Mars influence, so be sure to keep it cool when dealing with friends and family. Venus is still retrograde in Gemini, and the past looks different to you for some reason. You could be realizing that things weren’t the way they had seemed, which may motivate you to connect more closely with people, or maybe to completely cut ties with someone. Pisces can be guilty of keeping the rose-tinted glasses on for too long at times.

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