Zola Tails


Zola is pure joy. That’s the answer I give every time someone asks, “How’s your puppy, by the way?” All dogs, in my eyes, will always be puppies. Zola is now two years old, and she hasn’t slowed down, but Jason and I, as her parents, have learned certain traits of French bulldogs.

It used to be that we went into total panic each time Zola ate something. She certainly can find anything that falls to the ground. She’s eaten everything from coins, rope, rocks, mouse poison and even batteries. And each time we rush her off to the vet, she looks at us like, “What’s the big deal?”

Like other Frenchies, Zola does what are commonly called “zooms.” She has a burst of energy, runs at top speed around the house and bounces off the walls, the floor, the couch. These are big bounces, one almost knocked a chair over, and another time, she accidentally ran her head right into my face…. our little girl is built like a tank. She came over after and licked my face as I was lying on the floor, like she was asking, “Did I hurt you, daddy?”

Her favorite place to go when’s she’s had a full day is Jason’s lap. At times like that, just sitting in the den with her and Jason, I cannot think of a more joyous way to spend an evening.