A show for the ages

There is nothing that could possibly be said about Cher that hasn’t already been said.

A consummate entertainer with Oscar, Emmy and Grammy wins, Cher has been a significant force in the evolution of pop music. She is also an LGBT icon from decades of danceable songs, her daughter-turned-son Chaz, her over-the-top costumes and the general good feelings and joy she brings to her shows. 

Cher’s most recent farewell shows during the Borgata’s 15th birthday bash (the first, coincidentally, was 15 years ago) is what many might describe as career highlights, which works well for the “Classic” name of this year’s tour. From television to movies to music, this show covers most of the ground from her start to almost where she is now.

This incarnation includes a great collection of video clips and stills behind and between numbers. One audience favorite was her tribute video duet with Sonny Bono from their very early years. “I Got You Babe” never sounded better. Other clips set the tone and introduced songs while the backup dancers filled the voids of costume changes, as in every song requires a different outfit.

Many of her best well known songs are included, but the one thing many of us were hoping for was something from her upcoming album featuring songs originally done by ABBA. The album is a tie-in to “Mamma Mia, Here We Go Again,” in which Cher takes on the roll of Meryl Streep’s mother, even though they are only three years apart in real life.

Sequins? Check. Feathers? Check. Flesh-tone body suit? Check. Elephant? Check. Grand entrance from the ceiling? Check.

Yup, even at 72, this lady can entertain and mesmerize everyone, regardless of when you became a fan.