Is Pennsylvania ready for the legalization of recreational marijuana?


Denise Payne
rehab specialist | Germantown
“No, we have too many other pressing issues that need to be addressed first. We don’t have enough knowledge about marijuana and its possible harmful effects. I think marijuana has its downside. Until I’m shown otherwise, I oppose legalization.”

Harris Pike
business analyst | Fairmount
"Yes. It’s beneficial for people. I know personally that it’s helped me calm down. Marijuana is also of great help to many other people. Gov. Wolf needs to get off his ass and listen to the people. It’s time for legalized marijuana in Pennsylvania."

Kadeir Rowe
student | South Philadelphia
“I think so. I’m not against it. Lots of people do it. But I wouldn’t smoke marijuana — I’m a football player. My lungs aren’t made for it. I don’t want to damage my lungs.”

Kylah Rowe
student | South Philadelphia
“No. Marijuana isn’t good for your body. It’s not a healthy thing; it can really mess up your system. I would never smoke marijuana. I don’t know anybody who does.”