Should the New York City Police Department apologize for its actions during the Stonewall uprising?


Emily Campbell
flight attendant | South Philadelphia
"Absolutely. It’s never too late to apologize for something. The level of violence the police exerted was unconscion-able. It never should have happened. There was no reason for it. And I think the gesture would improve community relations with police."

Mikaela Jensen-Roseman
legal-content writer | South Philadelphia
“Yes, an apology would be appropriate. At the time, police had destructive policies and behaviors that harmed people. An apology would show that police are working with the community to prevent something like that from happening again.”

Harley Rohrman
server | Cape May, N.J.
"Yes. The police haven’t acknowledged their wrongdoing. An apology would be a step in the right direction. A small step, but still a step. It might take another 50 years for the police to apologize. But I’m very optimistic they will someday."

Matt Riggs
barback | Queen Village
"Granted, Stonewall was a long time ago. But the issue is still relevant today. So I think an apology should be made. Social justice is always important. Stonewall is still prominent in the minds of many people, though maybe not within the mainstream."