Would you encourage a young female to join Scouts BSA?


Lesley Andricks
nursing student | Lancaster
“Yes. I think there would be more opportunities for a girl in Scouting rather than in Girl Scouts. There would be more opportunity for a girl to advance her skills and to become more well-rounded. Scouts equip people better than Girl Scouts would.”

Barry Garchow
scientist | Pennsport
“No. I have a 10-year-old niece. I would encourage her to join the Girl Scouts. It’s a wonderful organization. My sister was a Girl Scout and she enjoyed it. The Girl Scouts have more activities that help young girls with personal development.”

Lauren Miceli
fashion designer | Northern Liberties
“Yes. I’m all about freedom of choice. As long as everyone is safe, I’m all for whatever [group] they choose to join. I understand the Scouts have a controversial history of excluding people. But we can all develop our mentality into a more modern approach.”

Thomas Smith
DC | Spring Garden
“It depends where the young lady would feel most comfortable. I wouldn’t nudge her either way. I would ask her where she wants to go then totally support her decision. People should be able to live their lives without having to apologize. Life is too short to be miserable.”