What’s your feeling about trans people serving in the military?


Jessica Anelli
marketing director | Northeast Philadelphia
"Trans people have the same rights as anyone else to do whatever they want. I think Trump is misdirected in most of his decisions, especially this one. I fully support the LGBT community, especially transgender people. They’ve been persecuted long enough."

Veronica Middleton
provider analyst | New Brunswick, N.J.
“I don’t see why trans people should be banned from the military. We need as many good people as we can get. We’re facing terrorism threats throughout the world. If they can do the job, it makes no sense to turn them down.”

Victor Pinho
student | Northeast Philadelphia
"Everyone willing to defend our country should have an opportunity to do so. It’s ridiculous to ban trans people from the military. There’s no logical reason for that. If they want to fight for our country, they should be allowed to."

Paige Taylor
jeweler | Plainfield, N.J.
"I have a lot of friends in the LGBT community. And they’re wonderful people. They add so much life and color to the world. Of course trans people should be allowed to serve our country. Trump is a buffoon. He never served in the military. How dare he deny trans people a chance to serve?"