What LGBT warrior should be honored on Memorial Day?


Jocelyn Kilpatrick
student | South Philadelphia
"All the fierce people who fought in the Stonewall riots, especially the transgender women of color who led the way. They never had an opportunity to serve in the armed forces but they were brave warriors, nonetheless."

Brianne Miller
nurse | Bear, Del.
"Harvey Milk. What a courageous man he was. He gave his life for the cause. He stood up for his beliefs when it was unacceptable [to do that]. He paid the ultimate price: his life."

Christopher Robin
sous-chef | Gayborhood
"Oscar Wilde. His entire life was a big ‘F you’ to societal standards. He deserves the Purple Heart, in my book. The more honors we can bestow upon him, the better. I’m quite the fan."

Dustin Slaughter
journalist | South Philadelphia
"Nizah Morris. She deserves to be honored because she hasn’t received justice yet. The death of Nizah Morris has become a symbol for all that’s wrong in terms of Philadelphia’s criminal-justice system, including the city’s willingness to hide the truth."