What to say when it’s all been said

Sometimes it’s a struggle to stay on top of everything-sports that goes on in this town and at other times there’s just nothing to tell everyone, except that the same groups are playing at the same places at the usual times. It’s weeks like this that I start to ponder the value of a sports column aside from someone, some team or some awardee getting his or her picture in the paper.


Sometimes, like now, it crosses my mind that perhaps the sports gig has run its course. Now, to be honest, it also crossed my mind around this time last year. Then there was the last game of Fall Ball during the cross-sports event in FDR Park and a great play at home that led to a great picture and to a national sports photography award in Washington, D.C., on, fabulously enough, June 26 of this year.

There is also the grueling challenge of trying to get information on all of the 20-some sports groups in this town. Contact people change, websites get abandoned, email accounts stop working and a variety of other obstacles make it tougher than this should be. But I keep slogging on.

So I’m putting this out there: Does anyone read what’s going on with other groups or are you pretty much getting all the sports information you need through your own sites and playtime? Are there topics of specific or general interest that you would suggest for column ideas? Is a bi-weekly sports column benefitting you in some way?

This by no means is a farewell column. I’m looking for solid input for the continuing and/or rebooting of the sports page. I look forward to your comments.

Short stops

• No Sunday dodgeball this week due to the pontificating going on in Center City.

• No Fall Ball in FDR Park this weekend either.

• Check with your respective organization for changes to play, practice or prayer over the next several days.

Fall has arrived and we’re lucky that summer is hanging on for a change this year. What is your group going to do this fall? Got a fundraiser? Party? Tournament? Let me know. Email [email protected].

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