Philadelphia’s favorite LGBT sports organization

When Stonewall Kickball first hit the streets — uh, parks — here in Philly, it quickly became the most popular kid on the block — and not just because it had the balls. But just like in advertising, if you find something the consumer wants, you’re going to succeed.


It’s almost surreal since just a couple of years ago, softball dominated all of the other LGBT sports combined in shear numbers. Now, with Stonewall’s added volleyball and dodgeball (and I’m hoping they add darts some time soon. You listening?), the field has a broad base of hundreds.

Another of the successes Stonewall has demonstrated is its ability to raise money for various organizations, not just those that are sports-connected. Most of the time, groups are feverously trying to pay their bills and fees and have little time to add on community fundraising. Yes, there are groups who find ways to raise money for special interests, but not on a regular basis like these guys and gals.

When we first broke the news back in the day that Philadelphia was going to be an expansion city for the original Washington, D.C., group, the immediate buzz showed that we were ready for some kickball. And boy, were we ever! Two weekly leagues several times a year for almost all of the current sports offerings, and it just keeps thriving.

A large part of that is obviously the camaraderie (and let’s not forget the winning) that comes from an afternoon of agenda-less fun. Go to games some Sunday or Thursday (not on the Sunday during the APopeaclypse) and you’ll see some good sporting, but good sports as well. Don’t forget your beverage of choice. These people bring fun in a cooler, also.

Congratulations to Stonewall for snagging the Best of LGBT Philadelphia award via the voices of the community. You are always welcome here! 

Short stops

• Congrats to Bob Breitel and all of the Philadelphia Fins who performed so well at Maui Channel Swim over Labor Day weekend. Mahala!

• Philadelphia Firebirds’ next tryouts are Sept. 20 at Kendrick Rec Center, 5822 Ridge Ave. No experience necessary. The 2016 season begins in April;

• Philadelphia Gay Bowling League has returned to South Philly. The season officially started Sept. 9, but it’s not too late to get into the game. Get more info on Facebook/ PhillyGayBowlingLeague?ref=stream.

• Stonewall Kickball is suspending play Sept. 27 due to foreseen circumstances.

Using the Pope party to brush up on your decathlon skills? Email [email protected].