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Creep of the Week: Brett Kavanaugh

I am sure by now you have heard the devastating news about Brett Kavanaugh, credibly-accused sexual assaulter/Supreme Court Justice/man who likes beer.  It’s hard for...

Creep of the Week: U.S. Supreme Court

Well, this sucks. Even when you know something terrible is coming, you’re never quite prepared for the moment it happens. And yet here we are:...

Analysis: The Rogue Supreme Court

Hillary Clinton warned everyone in 2016 that if Donald Trump were elected, the Supreme Court would pass into his hands. Ceded with it, she...

Radical right abortion ruling is the real devil’s spawn

A dark time for America was ushered in by the Supreme Court the week of the summer solstice. Minutes after Roe v. Wade was...

Then they came for the queers

After President Bush endorsed the anti-gay Federal Marriage Amendment in 2004, I was quoted in the lede of a front-page Washington Post story that...

The Long Fight of Gavin Grimm

Gavin Grimm won. As Pride month draws to a close, the battle of one lone trans man to use the restroom that corresponds with his...

U.S. Supreme Court rules against city in foster parents case

The decision was unanimous. In a 9-0 ruling bound to have a long-ranging impact, the U.S. Supreme Court found the City of Philadelphia violated...

Local advocates react to Supreme Court’s ruling

Hopes were dashed today for a bias-free foster-care system in Philadelphia after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously in Fulton v. City of Philadelphia...

Obamacare, voting rights, LGBTQ rights mark Supreme Court’s final month

June marks the final month of the U.S. Supreme Court calendar. This is when all the most momentous and far-reaching cases are decided and...



The GOP grooms murderers

The relentless stoking of anti-gay and anti-transgender intolerance by Republicans needs aggressive pushback. We cannot accept their protestations of not intending violence. If they...

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