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Superbugs: Preventing and treating MSRA and other infections in our pets

Bacterial-skin infections … resistant bugs … MRSA … The issue of superbugs has been brought to public attention in the last few years due...

Holiday hazards

’Tis the season for food, family and festivities! Unfortunately, even our pets can overindulge and earn themselves a spot on the naughty list and...

Regenerative therapy in dogs

Veterinary medicine is always progressing and continuing to evolve new therapies for common and not-so-common conditions that afflict our animal companions. One of these...

Exotic pets: the ‘other’ category

When many of us think about pets, the first things that come to mind are dogs and cats. Our canine and feline companions, after...

Pet parenting, A to Z

There is nothing more exciting than getting a new puppy or kitten. But with all of the fun and excitement also comes...

Is your dog slowing down?

Does your dog appear to be slowing down? Maybe not playing or running as robustly as he or she once did? It may be...

Cognitive dysfunction syndrome: The Alzheimer’s of aging pets

Pet owners are having the opportunity to have their companions live longer lives with advances in medicine and more preventive-care monitoring. With...

Diagnostic imaging in companion animals

Veterinary medicine has come a long way in its ability to diagnose and treat disease in our companion animals, and the diagnostic tools we...

Winter hazards for pets

Here we are fresh off the holidays, and winter has made its presence known. There has been lots of information and tips...

The heart of the matter: Cardiac disease in companion animals

Cardiovascular disease is an all-too-common condition in our companion animals. As many as 10 percent of adult dogs and cats have underlying...

Keeping the joy in the holidays for our pets

It’s that time of the year, where families gather together to celebrate the fall and winter holidays. And of course, this includes...

Eliminating the odor

Yuck, he has dog breath. How often have you heard that expression? Dogs and cats can both suffer the effects of halitosis,...

Helping your dog stand on its own four legs

Behavior problems in dogs and cats are quite common and continue to be a significant cause of nonmedical-related euthanasia of pets. Most...

Weight management in companion animals

The season of fun and fitness is upon us. As we start to get out and get moving, it is a good...

Have tick, will travel

The season is upon us now when we see families planning summer trips, which for many include taking their special four-legged companions with them....

The big C

Paw Prints is a new column by Society Hill Veterinary Hospital’s Dr. Claudia Casavecchia, who will give pet owners all the information...



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