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The takeaway for investors in 2021

Q: As our country continues to increase our debt and print money to help people in need during the pandemic, at what point are...

Tips to help lower your tax bill with year-end planning

Q: It seems like each year I end up paying more in taxes than I anticipate, often due to investment income and capital gains...

Navigating the waters of retirement

Q:  I’m 60 years old and am concerned that I may be asked to retire early due to COVID-19 related cutbacks. I’m not really...

Keep your estate up to date

Q: I lost a parent recently to COVID-19 and discovered they had not updated their estate documents in quite some time, which is making...

Online banking and shopping made safe

Q:  As a senior citizen, I’ve needed to access my banking and also shop online much more recently with COVID-19 still posing a risk. ...

All About The CARES Act

Q:  I think I read that there is a new law that will let me access my 401k without penalties due to COVID-19. But...

How to Plan for Unexpected Events

Q:  Before COVID-19, I felt pretty comfortable with my lifestyle.  But now I’m realizing I was completely unprepared for the impact this has had...

Avoiding COVID-19 scams

Q:  I’ve been receiving a number of emails from people I don’t know with links to information on COVID-19.  I’m not clicking on any...

Retirement after the SECURE Act

Q:  I own a small business and am considering offering a retirement plan to my employees.  I understand there may be some new rules coming about...

Charitable contributions: What’s changed?

Q: I noticed in 2018, I wasn’t able to deduct my charitable contributions on my tax return.  Can you please explain to me...

Income Investing? Think Dividends

Q: I’m looking to retire soon and am trying to decide how to produce income from my investments.  Interest rates on bonds haven’t...

HSA. Que? Ins and outs of Health Savings Accounts

Q:  Some of my coworkers put money into HSAs.  I’m not sure if this is something I should consider.  Can you please tell me...

Factoring in Social Security

Q: I’m just now beginning to think about planning for retirement, and I don’t recall receiving any statements recently from Social Security about...

Student loan debt 101

Q:  I’m a gay man in my mid-20’s just finishing graduate school.  I have some fairly significant student loans, which I will need to...

Things to know about the new tax laws

Q: I know it’s late in tax season, but I’m just getting around to it. Were there any major changes to the tax law...

The skinny on long-term care insurance

Q: My spouse and I are in our early 60s, without children, and are concerned about the risk of needing care in the future....

How to reduce the chance of identity theft

Q: A friend of ours had his identity stolen when he clicked on a link in an email he thought was from his bank,...

Making your holidays fun — and affordable

Q: It seems that the holidays sneak up on me every year and I find myself struggling to afford gifts and visits with family...

How to improve your credit score

Q: I’m a gay man in my 40s and I have struggled with credit card debt for years.  Now that I’m making a decent...

Buying life insurance: What kind and how much?

Q: My spouse and I are debating whether we have enough life insurance and also what type we should consider getting if we need...



LGBTQ-affirming healthcare in the Delaware Valley

The need for LGBTQ-affirming healthcare has always existed, but lately patients and providers have been working to make it more accessible. LGBTQ people have...

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