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Diversity in literature: penguins to chicken butts

“Guess what?” “Chicken butt!” The classic schoolyard gag has found new life in “Chicken Butt!” a picture book by critically acclaimed children’s author Erica...

LGBT families on public television: The time has come:

Amid all the talk of potential progress for LGBT rights under President Obama, one opportunity has made few headlines: the prospect of more LGBT-inclusive...

’10,000 Dresses’ celebrates transgender children

Beginning with the vibrant sunburst and smiling child on its cover, Marcus Ewert’s “10,000 Dresses” is a joyous book about self-acceptance and identity. ...

Navigating the election season with kids

My 5-year-old son is sitting at the kitchen table cheering for Barack Obama. I kind of wish he wouldn’t. Not that Obama...

A season of thanks

It is supposed to be a time to give thanks, but the news is getting grim. Papers are carrying stories about children...

LGBT parenting year in review

“It is same-sex parenting that is heating up as the next skirmish in the nation’s culture wars,” asserted the Chicago Tribune (Dec. ...



Horoscopes: March 5 – 11, 2021

Aries: Your ruling planet Mars is in Gemini for the next few weeks, and you are ready to start something new and engage in...

Why raising the minimum wage matters