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How will you die?

None of us knows when or how we will die and most take it for granted that we have no say in the matter....

Shining a spotlight on a public-health crisis: elder abuse

There are more than 2. 1 million reported cases of elder abuse or exploitation in the U.S. each year, and some estimates of...

What you need to know about LGBT-friendly services

For many, aging can present numerous challenges, including the ability to maintain good health. But for the nation’s estimated 3-million LGBT older...

Older women: Prevention and wellness

Within 10 years, more than one billion people in the world will be over the age of 65; that is one person in every...

Aging minds

As we age, our minds change. Some changes, such as temporarily forgetting the name of an acquaintance or wondering where you parked...

Caring for the caregiver

Many in the LGBT community have experience as caregivers. Some spent the ’80s and ’90s taking care of loved ones and friends...

Life-planning list for 2013

There is still time for personal planning for 2013. Taking some easy steps now can save you time, money and aggravation later...

The LGBT Elder Agenda 2013

As a result of the November elections, we no longer have to fear that a new president will repeal or revoke the rights that...

When a husband becomes a wife

Storytelling about our experiences as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people has become an important part of our culture. Our stories are...

Who cares about this election?

For LGBT people, especially elders, there are many pressing issues to be determined in this election. The Affordable Care Act —...

Celebrating LGBT families of choice

When families come together during the holiday season, we as LGBT people can reflect on the many ways that we get to define “family....

Exercise and longevity: How to live to 100

As a personal trainer specializing in older, active adults, I am continually amazed by the effects of regular exercise on aging bodies. ...

Senior and sexuality

Closeness, intimacy and touch are lifelong needs that do not get old, even when we do. We may be graying but our...

Facing ageism in the LGBT community

“If I live to 50, I’ll just kill myself” is among the most often heard discriminatory statements in the LGBT community. It...



LGBTQ-affirming medical center opens in Haddonfield

For residents of the South Jersey suburbs, finding LGBTQ-specific doctors meant heading into Center City, driving nearly two hours to Asbury Park, or heading...

Horoscopes: Jan. 15 – 21, 2020

HHS Finalizes Anti-LGBTQ Rule

A new day is brewing

Women lost all the jobs in December