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3 parenting lessons from the pandemic

When I got the notice that Jackson’s daycare was closing this spring, I posted a cutesy photo of him hanging on our...

Learning how to be a teacher overnight

Let me start this by saying to all teachers, daycare employees, caregivers and anyone else who devotes their time to molding the...

Family Forward: Through better or worse, five years later

On April 18, 2015, Ashlee and I exchanged our wedding vows before more than 100 family and friends. We talked about a...

Keeping sane in our new reality

I had originally written this column as a cutesy ode to all of the affordable ways Ashlee and I have found to...

Emotional labor and the need for self-care

“We’re making our way into Savasana, our final resting pose.” Craaaaash.  “Take up lots of space,...

What 2019 taught me

The new year offers time for reflection and, this year in particular, I’ve found myself re-riding the ups and downs of the...

10 holiday gifts every parent (secretly) wants

We’re just about in the thick of the holiday shopping season, meaning many of us are running ragged looking for the perfect...

Why I’m embracing the #MomFail

Before I became a parent, I had heard the cheeky hashtag #MomFail thrown around on social media, interpreting it as a sort of self-deprecating...

Learning to live each day with gratitude

Months ago, I came across a Facebook post a friend shared that was written by a parent who had lost a child. In the...

How do you measure a year?

At 6:36 p.m. Aug. 7, 2018, Jackson Anthony Colletta burst his way into the world. He was screaming, covered in gook and perfect. While...

What I learned from our first family vacation

Before Ashlee and I took Jackson on his first family vacation earlier this summer, she shared a bit of advice a friend had mentioned:...

Getting real about babies and social media

Though we might try to protest it, Ashlee and I technically are in the millennial age group — a population known for its technology...

Let’s face it: Work/life balance is fiction

About a month ago, I was sitting in stop-and-go traffic on Route 611, wending my way from Montgomery County toward Jackson’s dermatologist appointment in...

Confessions of a guilt-ridden parent

A few weeks ago, Jackson dipped his toe into the “testing Mommy” waters for the first time. While I was feeding him some concoction...

Sleeping, teething and eating — oh my!

Jackson is now 7 months old and has hit many of the milestones we were so looking forward to. He (mostly) consistently sleeps through...

Making the house a home

    When Ashlee and I moved out of our first apartment into our first house three years ago, we were overjoyed that we...

5 New Year’s resolutions from a new parent

We’re three weeks into a new year, which means many are struggling to fulfill their pledges of eating healthier, working out and being more...

Weighing words of wisdom: Part 1

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of dirty diapers, spit-up and endless screaming (mostly from the baby, sometimes, maybe, us too, a...

Welcome to the world, Jackson Anthony

In keeping with Jackson’s nursery theme, there’s a line from the final “Harry Potter” movie that has been running through my head the last...

Finding the silver lining of change

Ed.: Jackson Anthony was born Aug. 7 at 6:36 p.m., weighing 5 pounds, 4 oz. I hate change — always have, and probably...

Upcoming West Philly board game cafe promotes community, democratizes gaming

Haven Philly, a new board game cafe slated to open in West Philadelphia next year, will be the first of its kind...

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