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A Very Pandemic Pregnancy

There are lots of hard aspects of getting pregnant, especially if you’re using artificial reproduction: the emotional upheaval, the costs, the invasiveness, the stress....

A Wonderful Surprise

Surprise: We’re pregnant! Surprise again: It’s twins! I’m not going to bury the lede here: I’m pregnant! Ashlee and I are expecting not one but...

When COVID hits home, literally

On April 12, I eagerly got in line for my first COVID vaccine, rolled up my sleeve, waited my 15 minutes and snapped my...

The push and pull of parenting

Earlier this month, we were thrown a curveball: someone in Jackson’s class at daycare tested positive for COVID. With Jackson running a low-grade fever...

What a year in lockdown has taught my son

When the first anniversary of the pandemic lockdowns passed earlier this month, many of us likely took a moment to look back on all...

Helping kids think outside the (toy) box on gender

As a two-mom family, Ashlee and I went into parenting thinking we’d be totally progressive and shun any gender norms or expectations for Jackson...

How parents can reimagine resolutions in 2021

With 2020 in the rearview mirror, many of us are looking to the coming year with fresh eyes and a glimmer of hope for...

Tipping the scales back toward equality

As I watched Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris take the stage in Wilmington, Del., I sipped my wine, jumped a little at the fireworks booming...

How LGBTQ parents can bond with a non-biological child

When Jackson was born, my life changed in an instant. But, unlike the rosy picture that many paint of becoming a parent, I didn’t...

A survival guide to the Terrible Twos

Nearly two-and-a-half years ago, I wrote a column for PGN about how Ashlee and I were “riding the emotional roller coaster” of the first...

Why parenting and grief go hand in hand

I’ve heard it said that the response many of us have had to the pandemic in the last few months is akin to grief—as...

3 parenting lessons from the pandemic

When I got the notice that Jackson’s daycare was closing this spring, I posted a cutesy photo of him hanging on our dog and...

Learning how to be a teacher overnight

Let me start this by saying to all teachers, daycare employees, caregivers and anyone else who devotes their time to molding the minds of...

Family Forward: Through better or worse, five years later

On April 18, 2015, Ashlee and I exchanged our wedding vows before more than 100 family and friends. We talked about a future filled...

Keeping sane in our new reality

I had originally written this column as a cutesy ode to all of the affordable ways Ashlee and I have found to occupy Jackson—the...

Emotional labor and the need for self-care

“We’re making our way into Savasana, our final resting pose.” Craaaaash.  “Take up lots of space, allow the eyes to close. Take these few moments of...

What 2019 taught me

The new year offers time for reflection and, this year in particular, I’ve found myself re-riding the ups and downs of the rollercoaster that...

10 holiday gifts every parent (secretly) wants

We’re just about in the thick of the holiday shopping season, meaning many of us are running ragged looking for the perfect gifts for...

Why I’m embracing the #MomFail

Before I became a parent, I had heard the cheeky hashtag #MomFail thrown around on social media, interpreting it as a sort of self-deprecating...

Learning to live each day with gratitude

Months ago, I came across a Facebook post a friend shared that was written by a parent who had lost a child. In the...



Pa. Senate Republicans subpoena voters’ social security numbers, including LGBTQ voters

by Stephen Caruso With the 2021 general election now closer than 2020’s, Senate Republicans voted Wednesday to request identifying information on Pennsylvania’s roughly 9 million...

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