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Family Portrait: Jessica Graham

She was born in Chester and now lives in L.A., but we claim her as our own. Before moving to the City of Angels,...

Family Portrait: David Christopher Keener

According to the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, nearly 13,000 servicemembers have been discharged under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” — the military’s ban on openly...

Family Portrait: Robert Randolph

There’s more than meets the naked eye when you delve into the alliterative Robert Randolph. On any given day, the affectionate...

Family Portrait: DJ Freddie Tek

“You spin me right round, baby, right round like a record baby ... ” These lyrics come to mind whenever I think of DJ...

Family Portrait: Russell Barefoot

It’s been a long time since I had the need for a fake boyfriend. The ’80s, in fact. But if I...

Family Portrait: Melissa Kolczynski

Oscar Wilde once said, “I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being...

Family Portrait: Blaise Waters

I recently had a chance to do something I don’t do that often: head up to the Northeast. There’s a wonderful...

Family Portrait: Linda Holtzman

Shalom! As many are celebrating Passover this week, I took a moment to speak to a new friend, Rabbi Linda Holtzman. ...

Family Portrait: Sandy Beach

At 6-foot-3 with steely blue eyes, he looks like he could be a bouncer or WWF wrestler, but mere minutes into our interview, I...

Family Portrait: Joanne Fleisher

They say the best way to write is to go with what you know best. In 1979, Joanne Fleisher was married...

Family Portrait: Ashley Phillips

I recently was involved in a conversation about public figures who are widely known to be gay, but who still maintain media silence on...

Family Portrait: Evan Sorg

Evan Sorg is a soft-spoken guy with a quiet chuckle, but don’t let his shy demeanor fool you. He’s a tough...

Family Portrait: Eric Cheung

If you’re breathing a little easier these days, you might have Eric Cheung to thank. Cheung is the senior attorney and...

Family Portrait: Mark Sylvester

The venerable Walnut Street Theatre has been the grande dame of Philadelphia theater for 200 years. Throughout those two centuries, she...

Family Portrait: Ricky McIntire

Ricky McIntire, or “Ricky Mac” as he’s known, loves to make people happy. As a bartender at a number of Philadelphia’s...

Family Portrait: Allazae

“I’m standin’ in this world alone, out here on my own; tryin’ to keep from turning cold.” These are the words...

Family Portrait: Heather Coutts

Heather Coutts looks like your all-American girl — but looks can be deceiving. Starting with the fact that she’s not from...

Family Portrait: R. Eric Thomas

As the bar manager at Pod in University City, R. Eric Thomas deals with characters from all over the world — something he incorporates in...

Family Portrait: Heather O’Malley

Heather O’Malley is someone who has a good head on her shoulders and, if you’re lucky she’ll work on yours, too. ...

Q-Music: Family jewels

Kate Taylor, kid sister of James Taylor, released her debut album “Sister Kate” 50 years ago. The record was a marvelous introduction to a...



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