Horoscopes: June 28-July 4, 2024

Illustration by Ash Cheshire.

Aries: You’ll have an opportunity to reassess and take responsibility when Saturn turns retrograde through Nov. 15. Doesn’t sound fun? Well, it’s not! But it is a significant period of maturation, reflection and cultivating consistency. As this retrograde occurs in your house of spirituality, you find yourself thinking about ways in which to live and act according to your beliefs. You seek to be a more cohesive being in thoughts, words and actions. In relationships, you are feeling more dutiful. You realize the impact you have on others and understand your role more clearly. You want to be more constructive and intentional when you spend time with people. Healing, supporting and building together with loved ones is where you find what you have been searching for.

Taurus: Saturn in retrograde through Nov. 15 points out the fact that you need community and they need you back! Strong friendships, networks, neighborly bonds and teams have the fulfillment you seek. Your confidence can be secretly low when you solely rely on romantic attention for gratification. You may be reckoning with why you pull away from community and group settings during this retrograde. Get involved in something bigger than yourself and see what happens. Big things are seldom accomplished alone.

Gemini: This could be a period of discovering or re-thinking your career path. Saturn in retrograde through Nov. 15 inspires you to meditate on what truly makes you feel ambitious. Even if you choose to stay on at your current job, you might be doing things differently there in the future. Long-term goals are in flux. Perhaps you want something different than you thought, or maybe your resolve is stronger than ever. 

Cancer: This is an opportunity to figure out what has been holding you back from being more curious and adventurous as Saturn turns retrograde through Nov. 15. This is a period of realization and release. Building trust in yourself has most likely been a challenge in the past. Looking outside of your usual wheelhouse for inspiration can be quite eye opening. Challenge negative beliefs you have held onto about yourself.

Leo: You are swimming in a deep sea of change thanks to Saturn retrograde through Nov. 15. Power dynamics, intimacy and control are reexamined. Some things need to be let go of, as negative or limiting beliefs have been causing strife for your self image and your relationships. Perhaps trying to control how you are perceived or trying to control the feelings of others has left you anxious and disconnected in the past. Make peace with being misunderstood on occasion.

Virgo: Saturn’s retrograde through Nov. 15 brings challenge and inquiry concerning your closest one-on-one relationships. Matters of fairness, honesty or commitment may need further examination and discussion. While this may feel like a stressful chore, it is actually an opportunity to deepen connections and to increase self awareness or self advocacy. Check in with yourself about how you want to show up in your relationships and how you want to be treated. What are you giving? What are you getting? Does it feel equitable?

Libra: Thanks to Saturn’s retrograde through Nov. 15, you’ll have a period of personal improvement and a revamp on your long-term goals. You may realize that you have been putting your wellbeing on the back burner and that it is catching up to you. This is a period in which you choose to prioritize self reflection and healing. Saturn has a realistic way of reminding us of our responsibility to ourselves and how when we show up for ourselves, we can also show up better for others.

Scorpio: Saturn’s retrograde through Nov. 15 asks you to find out what truly makes you feel seen, heard and understood. What energizes you and reminds you that you enjoy being you? This is a period in which you seek to stop second guessing yourself. You realize in the past there are things you wish you had the confidence to go through with, you are tired of sitting out dances. Part of growing up might actually be letting go of your inhibitions and getting sillier. It can be quite hard to face how much you have kept hidden, the pain of being judged in formative times. Art, music, creativity and performance play a vital role in awakening your personal powers.

Sagittarius: You find yourself thinking about your historical self and where you stand in space and time. You might be thinking about your past lives or reflecting on the past of the one you are in currently. Saturn’s retrograde through Nov. 15 is a reach for something to sink your roots into and feel that you are a part of. Belonging means more to you than you initially believed. You realize that you need to be more intentional in your journey to a secure attachment style. You consider your roles and responsibility to other people, places and things more seriously. You want to show up.

Capricorn: Saturn’s retrograde through Nov. 15 has a way of teaching you with tough love. During this period, you realize areas of your life where you have been inconsistent or have struggled to adapt to changes. Communication is highlighted during this cycle and you may be overcoming obstacles and learning how to connect authentically. Recent shifts have made it more apparent that you are stuck in old ways/bad habits of communicating or socializing that are holding you back from friendships, romance and important networking.

Aquarius: You’ll be face to face with your fear of failure and instability during Saturn’s retrograde through Nov. 15. Facing these fears can help you better prepare for and move with life’s natural ups and downs. This is a time in which to learn to trust your own resourcefulness while also not taking on too much work to the point of overload. You are reevaluating your approach to finances, debt and personal possessions. 

Pisces: Saturn turns retrograde in your sign through Nov. 15. This is a period of challenging self reflection. You may be realizing there are areas of your life in which you conceal important aspects of yourself, which causes relationships to feel flat and quiet. Perhaps you have been holding back on pursuing a hobby, craft or career in which you find great personal value and fulfillment for fear of failure or judgment. Your frustration leads you further away from how you really want to be and blocks your creativity and intuition. To unlock your magic, you must be willing to have a shaky start.

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