Horoscopes: June 7-13, 2024

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: You are in a bit of a cool-down period as your ruler Mars enters earthy Taurus from the 9th until July 20. You are quietly planning, so you aim for a more consistent steady pace in life, especially concerning home, money and relationships. You’d much rather achieve stability over anything grandiose (at least for now). Much of your drive comes from your subconscious during this period so it is good to check in with yourself and practice reflection and self awareness. When Mars squares Pluto on the 11th, you have a boost in willpower and a willingness to take responsibility. Exercise caution around jealousy.

Taurus: You are energized and empowered as Mars enters your sign from the 9th until July 20. You are more assertive and competitive during this period, which can be great but might also lead to interpersonal friction if you are too domineering in situations where it is not called for. This energy can be used to create consistent, steady, long-term progress on personal goals. Quick bursts of activity followed by spells of idleness can throw you off balance. When Mars in Taurus squares Pluto on the 11th, there can be tension around your inability to voice your desires in relationships. You may project or judge others for doing things you secretly wish to do yourself.

Gemini: Mars in your 12th house brings about a period of researching and gathering resources. You may be enjoying the fruits of recent efforts during this time, so it can be another reason to slow down and not get started on the next big thing right away. Let everyone catch up to you. Tap into your subconscious for pointers and inspiration if you are feeling unclear about a situation.

Cancer: Group activities and a bit of healthy competition are what charges your battery as Mars in Taurus highlights your 11th house. Leadership appeals to you more than usual these days so this can be a good time to step into a new role. You realize you need people and that teamwork is the best way to accomplish your goals. You are feeling powerful and this leads you to wonder what kind of positive impacts you can have in the lives of others. This is an excellent time to share your energy and lend a hand.

Leo: Self promotion, career moves and personal goals are supercharged by Mars in Taurus from June 9 through July 20. You are in a confident and decisive headspace when it comes to work. You have a good sense of what you are capable of and are more willing to push yourself toward the upper limits of that. Input from others can be invaluable so keep an open mind. Your social life continues to be highlighted throughout the month of June. This is a social season in which you make rewarding connections and find good fortune through networking.

Virgo: Your curiosity and sense of adventure are boosted by Mars in Taurus from June 9 through July 20. Your imagination helps you to visualize drastic changes in your life. June is a great month for getting noticed and grabbing the attention of others as your aura is charming and inviting. This is a season in which it is very important to balance your responsibilities with recreation as too much of one or the other can create unique issues.

Libra: Mars—the planet of drive and passion—energizes your intimacy sector from June 9 through July 20. This can certainly spice things up as you have a lot of intense emotions, attractions and convictions. This energy can deepen your relationships and inspire you to speak and act more honestly and boldly. During this period, a little bit of conflict can be a good thing that brings about much-needed change. June is a great month for practicing self awareness and pursuing knowledge.

Scorpio: Mars in Taurus highlights your relationships from June 9 through July 20. Partnerships may go through some trials and tribulations during this period, especially concerning ego and power struggles. You are nonetheless energized and passionate when it comes to relationships and there can be powerful momentum that brings about positive changes. Things have a way of buffing out rather quickly even if they get messy. Romantic partners will be intrigued by your ardent aura. On the 11th, there is an intense increase in your courage and willpower.

Sagittarius: Mars in Taurus empowers you to make lifestyle improvements and to focus more intently on goals, especially ones that involve mental well-being and personal fulfillment. June continues to be a great month for romance, dating and relationships. There is a desire to improve communication skills and to be more collaborative in conversations and conflict resolution. The more you practice communicating your needs and boundaries, the easier it becomes. You are less likely to chase after things that dont love you back.

Capricorn: Mars in Taurus from June 9 through July 20 rings in a high tide for creativity, self expression and romance. This is an excellent period for performances, public speaking, leadership roles, and just generally putting yourself out there. Your lovelife has the potential to heat up in exciting ways but beware of being too domineering and making the wrong impression. June continues to be a powerful month for improving your routine and creating better habits.

Aquarius: You are in a retiring mood as Mars in Taurus reminds you to catch up with projects at home. This can be a period of regeneration. You are more focused on healing and strengthening close relationships. June continues to be a month of creative expression and projects that create a long-lasting impact on how you think about the world. There is a potential for an interesting new romance or a deepening of a bond on the horizon.

Pisces: Mars will be in Taurus from June 9 through July 20, which will highlight your communication. During this period, you have a lot on your mind as well as a lot to say. This can be an industrious season for you and you can accomplish many things via networking, asking for advice and being inquisitive. Beware of a tendency toward overwhelm or impatience. June is a month in which you are reminded of the value of old friends.

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