Horoscopes: May 17-23, 2024

Illustration by Ash Cheshire.

Aries: The sun moves into Gemini and your third house of communication is highlighted. This is the beginning of a month-long period of travel, research, experimentation and connecting. Friendships and business partnerships are strengthened. It is a wonderful time to set out to make changes to the world around you and to get into new mindsets. You will most likely be signing up for a lot of activities, so be prepared to multitask.

Taurus: This week, we begin Gemini’s solar season on the 20th. This marks the start of a month-long period of focusing on getting practical affairs in order. You recognize a need to establish a sense of community and home. You need people and things that you can turn to. You come to value consistency over excitement. Respect is more important than romance.

Gemini: We welcome your solar season on the 20th! The sun in your first house inspires personal growth and makes your best attributes apparent to you and to others. Your energy is generous and inviting over the next four weeks. Do things that boost confidence and play to your strengths. This could be a great time for initiating social events, creative projects and business endeavors. There can also be a desire to “reinvent” certain aspects of yourself or your lifestyle as Gemini and your ruling planet Mercury are all about changes and new ideas. The air element of this new season reminds you that you shouldn’t take anything too seriously.

Cancer: There is a subdued energy in your life for the next four weeks as the sun enters Gemini and highlights your privacy sector. After a long period of hard work and extroversion, you feel ready to find a bit of retreat. Your alone time is important to you and you spend it in reflection and meditation. You aren’t in the mood to spring into action but it doesn’t mean you aren’t making plans and focusing on details. Research, dreams and rest are your best friends.

Leo: This week, the sun enters airy Gemini on the 20th, which highlights your 11th house of community, friends and teamwork. You are in a vibrant and social mood and you seek to build and create with those around you. This is an ideal time to reach out, ask questions and get engaged with causes that you care about. Gemini season is all about making positive changes and learning through doing. Unconventional approaches bring new opportunities.

Virgo: The sun moves into fellow Mercury-ruled Gemini on the 20th. During Gemini season, you are goal oriented and concerned with the impressions you make on people. You seek to accomplish something bigger or different than your usual vision. You can be particularly sensitive to criticism during this period so it is important to listen for useful input but not to let it derail your program.

Libra: This week, the sun moves into fellow air sign Gemini and brings with a sense that things are easing up for you. You aren’t in the headspace to take things too personally for the next four weeks. You just want to get out there and experience life for all its ups and downs. You are excited by new prospects and novel experiences. This can be a period of great philosophical and spiritual growth or you. An open mind is the key to deeper connections.

Scorpio: The sun in Gemini starts on the 20th, where it highlights your ruling eighth house for the next month-long cycle. This is a period of intense personal exploration, philosophical challenges and intimate shifts in power dynamics. Relationships have the potential to deepen or to change themes during this period. You are especially magnetic, powerful and thought provoking to others at this time. There is a sensual and creative energy that can be harnessed. Don’t be afraid to push envelopes. Some will love you for it, others not so much.

Sagittarius: The sun moves into your sister sign of Gemini on the 20th for the next month-long solar season. This transit highlights your relationship sector in a powerful way! You are more interested in putting yourself out there, starting the dialogue, and deepening your understanding of others. If you are single, this could be a period of speed dating or getting more serious with someone who interests you. If you are committed, this can be a period of relationship maintenance and improvement. This is also a wonderful time to smooth out communication and to solve misunderstandings in both platonic and romantic settings. Your words seem to flow more easily.

Capricorn: The sun in Gemini from the 20th onward marks a period of self improvement and commitment to personal well being. This is a great time to stop bad habits or add new, more fulfilling ones to your routines. If there are things you’ve been trying to get around to that continue to fall by the wayside, now is the time to prioritize them and really get things done.

Aquarius: You feel that you are coming out of hibernation as fellow air sign Gemini begins its solar season from the 20th onward. Highlighting your fifth house, this cycle brings about a period of self expression, creativity and joy. This is a great time to connect with animals and nature, participate in the arts, and just generally take a playful approach to life. This can also be an excellent period for romance.  Pursuing hobbies and leisure activities can benefit you more than just hard work can.

Pisces: This week, the sun enters Gemini from the 20th onward. During Gemini season, you feel that you wish to be better heard or understood by those close to you. This has the potential to be quite challenging but can also strengthen your relationships and lead to greater freedom to be yourself. You learn a lot from being more candid. You are generally more aware of your desire for a secure “home base” in your life.

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