Trump’s gay VP pick?

Donald Trump speaking to reporters about the storming of the U.S. Capitol. (Youtube screenshot.)

I received an unexpected call from an acquaintance who happens to be a member of the Log Cabin Republicans, an organization dedicated to LGBT conservatives. I use the term “acquaintance” deliberately, as my astonishment at someone from the LGBTQ+ community supporting Trump runs deep. How can one reconcile endorsing a figure who opposes the very essence of their rights, including their marriages? It appears to be a paradox of self-loathing or a severe lack of self-respect.

During our conversation, he expressed enthusiasm about his Log Cabin friends lobbying for the selection of South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott as Donald Trump’s vice presidential running mate. Their rationale? They believe Scott is a closeted gay man, and his selection would somehow validate their support for Trump.

If you thought Trump and his cohorts couldn’t get any more absurd, think again. It seems the LGBTQ+ members of the Log Cabin Republicans have imbibed the Kool-Aid or indulged in micro-dosing a little too frequently.

Scott, a lifelong bachelor, has repeatedly denied allegations of being gay. He’s even gone as far as expressing his opposition to homosexuality, likening it to “morally wrong choices like adultery.”

When I confronted my Log Cabin acquaintance about this, he attempted to justify their stance by pointing out instances where other LGBTQ+ Republican officials were outed despite supporting anti-LGBTQ+ positions. Somehow, they see this as progress. They endorse an anti-LGBTQ+, allegedly closeted senator who has openly compared homosexuality to adultery?

Let’s examine this from a different perspective. Sen. Scott might seem like a preferable candidate compared to the likes of the puppy-killing governor of South Dakota or the ever-controversial Lindsey Graham. However, in the realm of Trumpian theatrics, substance often takes a backseat to showmanship, reminiscent of “The Apprentice” rather than good governance.

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