Horoscopes: May 10-16, 2024

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: Mercury moves into Taurus on the 15th, where it will highlight your second house. This is a time to readjust your spending and saving habits. You may be in a period of cleaning out your closet and becoming more choosy with what you buy. You seek to make life more comfortable and you take practical approaches to make it happen.

Taurus: Your mind and mental energy is sharpened as Mercury enters your sign on the 15th. This is a great time for learning, research and education. You are in a naturally curious and social headspace for the next three weeks. Challenge yourself by practicing new skills. 

Gemini: Your ruling planet is in the Earth sign of Taurus beginning on the 15th. Since this is in your privacy sector, you are feeling more reserved than usual. You prefer strategy and planning at this time. You are more concerned with how and why things happen the way that they do. The next three weeks is a period of solitude and reflection.

Cancer: Mercury moves into Taurus on the 15th, where it highlights your desire to connect and commune. You realize that you feel like your best self when you are a part of a group with a common goal. Working together can be quite fulfilling, especially during this three-week cycle. This is also a time to be vocal, as well as open-minded. Things we share and receive can be rather enlightening at this time.

Leo: You are all about business when Mercury moves into earthy Taurus on the 15th. This is a three-week period of focusing on practical affairs, getting things on your to-do list done, and gathering resources for your goals. You are likely very busy and have several projects going on at once. You seek to refine your opinions and your understanding of certain topics. This can be a great period for self promotion.

Virgo: Your ruling planet Mercury enters fellow earth sign Taurus on the 15th. The next three weeks are a period of expansion for your mind and your scope of experience. This is a great time to meet new people, study new topics and try new things. If there is something you haven’t had the confidence to go for, this could be the time where you get a boost.

Libra: Mercury, the mind planet, enters Taurus on the 15th. This begins a three-week period of reflection and transformation. You may surprise yourself as some of your long-standing opinions have a tendency to shift during this transit. Keep an open mind. 

Scorpio: This week, Mercury in Taurus brings heightened mental clarity and improved communication skills to your approach in relationships. This is an ideal time to bring up those conversations you’ve been meaning to have. This period can strengthen, renew or mark the beginning of personal connections. 

Sagittarius: Mercury in Taurus is at home in your sixth house starting on the 15th. This is a period of getting it together. If there are things on your long term to-do list, the next three weeks can be quite fruitful. This is a generally busy yet optimistic period for you. Breakthroughs are made when you review your priorities.

Capricorn: Mercury in fellow earth sign Taurus highlights your fifth house of joy and creativity for the next three weeks. This is a period of intellectual stimulation and self expression. Creative work, performance and spontaneity brings vibrant energy. You feel more confident taking center stage these days. 

Aquarius: As Mercury enters Taurus on the 15th, you feel more inclined to stick close to home and your comfort zones. Familiarity and nostalgia are the things that get your gears turning during this three-week period. Close friends and family can bring important mutual support. Play to your strong suits at work and in social settings.

Pisces: Mercury in Taurus thrives in your third house of communication beginning on the 15th. Your mind is busy and sharp during this three-week period but beware of overdoing it on multitasking. Nonetheless, this is an excellent time for studying and honing skills. Being social inspires you and brings you interesting perspectives.

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