Horoscopes: April 26-May 2, 2024

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: Your ruling planet in your first house brings you a subconscious sense of alignment. You are feeling confident and assertive. Be cautious of an impatient streak or being competitive in areas of life that are not appropriate. Venus squares Pluto on the 1st and makes relationships a place for growth, challenges and transformation.

Taurus: Mars in Aries begins on the 30th, where it highlights your privacy sector. This is a time of reflection. You are thinking about your goals, your approach, your confidence and your ability to assert your boundaries. You may consider directing your energy into different areas in life. Your ruling planet Venus squares Pluto on the 1st. This can point out struggles for control in relationships.

Gemini: Mars in Aries invigorates your 11th house of community and cooperation. This is not the time to forge ahead on your own but it is a great time to initiate group projects and collaborations. You are in leadership mode at this time but then again, you are hardly ever the follower. You seek to do good and be helpful and you feel best when you are contributing to the lives of others. Venus squares Pluto on the 1st and you must confront unprocessed jealousy.

Cancer: You are more motivated and confident as Mars in Aries charges your 10th house of work, career and business. This is an ideal time for self promotion. Don’t be too humble. Starting your own projects and being independent is favored. Venus squares Pluto on the 1st and you might get a tough reality check about why you keep making the same mistakes in relationships. 

Leo: Mars aligns with Aries, where it highlights your ninth house of spirituality, adventure and higher learning. This is a time to get out of your comfort zone and try new things. You get a boost in confidence that builds trust in yourself. Venus squares Pluto on the 1st. You might catch someone, or even yourself, being subconsciously manipulative.

Virgo: Mars in Aries highlights your eighth house of transformation, identity, sexuality and intimacy. This can bring a quite intense energy to your relationships as well as your inner monologue. Things you say, do and experience are likely very impactful at this time. It’s important to be careful and thoughtful. Venus squares Pluto on the 1st and can bring about a beginning and/or end to certain things.

Libra: From the 30th onward, Mars in Aries highlights your partnership sector. There can be confrontations and competitions in relationships at this time. Clashing egos create tense energy but that can point out unmet needs or important areas of values and beliefs that need exploring. Keep communication open. Venus squares Pluto on the 1st and continues the theme of quiet seething. Something needs to be let go.

Scorpio: You are leveling up your daily routine from the 30th onwards as Mars in Aries highlights your house of daily habits and routines. You feel more capable of accomplishing short-term goals lately and are motivated by every small victory. This is a great time to make positive changes to your lifestyle. Venus and your ruling planet Pluto square off on the 1st and you are driven to uncover your deepest desires. There is intense creative energy and drama.

Sagittarius: Mars in fellow fire sign Aries highlights your fifth house of creativity, entertainment and self expression. This is a period of brainstorming, fun and good humor. You have a tendency to accidentally upstage others at this time due to your excited energy, so do your best to take turns and be a good listener. Venus squares Pluto on the 1st and you can clearly see when you are being treated unfairly. There are certain relationship dynamics that do not work for you.

Capricorn: You get things done on your to-do list as Mars aligns in Aries from the 30th onward. You feel restless and have a hard time relaxing during this period as you feel that there is always something you COULD be doing. Beware of ego confrontations with family and close friends. Venus squares Pluto on the 1st and you realize your self esteem needs an update.

Aquarius: Mars in Aries highlights your third house of communication, short trips and learning. During this time, you feel confident and assertive in social settings and your ideas are unique and often well received. Exercise patience and caution as this transit can inspire impulsive choices. Venus squares Pluto on the 1st and a reality about your innermost feelings must be confronted and accepted.

Pisces: You have your eye on the prize as Mars in Aries highlights your second house of material gain, stability and foundations from the 30th onward. You are driven by your goals and you work hard during this period. You may encounter obstacles that bring up old hurts or resentments at this time. There can be power struggles with family or other folks who seek to micromanage you. You deeply value your independence. Venus squares Pluto on the 1st and there is intense and somewhat dramatic energy around your love life. Proceed with caution as things can be volatile. A resolution is reached with clear mindedness.

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